Sep 222008

Kara and Chris got married on August 30. It was a beautiful ceremony. A little too beautiful, so I was glad when Kara agreed to let me break out the animal masks and inject some creep-factor up in that bitch.

  18 Responses to “when animals wed”

  1. Wow, that is an awesome picture! I find myself oddly attracted to the Giraffe….

  2. i hope you take awesome wedding pics like this for me!!!!!!!!!@!#!@!!!!!!!!

    oh- wait. well, still!!! this photo is fantastic :)

  3. most original wedding portrait ever!

  4. Please tell me that was an actual priest wearing the chimp mask??

  5. I love it.
    I think I might put this in one of the wedding frames and hang it on the wall!

  6. If on the off chance I ever get married (NEVERgoingtohappen) will you take my wedding photos? We will do whatever you say so long as they are half as awesome as this.

    Henry can be the flower girl. Think of all the fodder that will give you.

  7. Is that a lion or a bear in the red dress?

    If I ever get… um… remarried, YOU shall be my wedding photographer.

    • It’s a lion. Here’s a close-up of that particular mask:


      We could always do a wedding-themed photoshoot! That would be much less stressful than the real thing. I seriously sweat through my dress, that’s how anxious and nervous I was, and I wasn’t even the one getting married!

  8. I was waiting to see these ones!!! :D

    Look at Kara, so pretty.

  9. I love it. Really makes the picture unique!

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