Jul 012012

Quick update to let you know that I’m still walking. My 20,000+ steps a day streak was frighteningly close to be being broken at the fair last night (that’s its own story); Henry and I have almost broken up 87 times (last night was #86); I walked into Wendy’s door trying to leave her office and blamed it on standing still for too long; and I really need to get my hair done but that’s TWO HOURS of being stuck in a chair, not walking.

I’ve been dragging Chooch to the high school track with me everyday. This might be surprising to some, but he’s kind of not really into it. I was letting him bring a ball with him at first, but he kept accidentally-on-purpose kicking it onto the track. A red ball on a red track — now those are two things that go hand in hand. Finally I wised up and made him keep the ball in the car on Friday. Within 8 minutes, he FOUND a ball over by the equipment shed, which he began bouncing in the same lane as a woman running toward him.

Sometimes I get lucky and there are roaming cats on the other side of the fence to distract him.

The last time we were there, he snatched a Santa Claus out of the air so I told him to make a wish.

“I wish we could get the hell out of here,” he mumbling, releasing the Santa Claus back into the air.

July 11, Chooch. July 11.

  4 Responses to “Law Firm Walking Challenge: End of Week 3”

  1. Um… what’s a Santa Claus?

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