Jul 122012


The “Oh, I Can Already Tell I’m Going to Love This Band, & Yes I’ll Be Speaking in Fluent Sarcasm All Day” frown.

This is a conversation we had when standing in line:

Henry: “Taking Back Sunday is here?”
Me: “Yeah. Duh.”
Henry: I thought just Geoff [Rickley] was?”
Me, annoyed: “He’s in THURSDAY!”
Henry: “Oh. Yeah…”

This update is brought to you by TOMS tan lines and Henry’s desire to sit down “for a minute.” Ciao for now!

  4 Responses to “One of a Million Frowns of the Day: Warped Tour”

  1. I really wanted to go to Warped Tour this year but didn’t make it. My favorite band was skipping SLC anyway, so I guess it’s alright. I am still jealous you got to go, even with Mr. Frown. Actually, I think that might make me a little more jealous.

    • See? Yet another reason why I like you so much! People always make me feel like I’m stupid for still liking Warped Tour as an “adult.” I’m like, “Who cares if I’m an adult? I wanna do things that make me happy! Sorry for liking music.”

      Which band is your favorite?

      • People are just boring, that’s all. Warped Tour is amazing. I really love Rise Against but they were touring during the first part of Warped Tour, when it came to Utah. I still would’ve gone but I had no one to go with and I’m too anxious to go to something like that by myself.

  2. music is the reason for breathing (except for maybe that dumb Barney song)…. i can’t believe people don’t get that! it doesn’t matter what venue or event… music… it’s all about the music

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