Sep 282008

The downside of working in the evening is that I miss out on random drug addicts who pass out in our front yard, forcing Henry to get all 911 on their asses. This particular sweetheart only managed to stagger half a block further in the twenty minutes it took the ambulance to arrive. Not surprisingly, she refused assistance.

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Henry claims that “she looked like she was on a heroin high.

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” He’s been around that a lot I guess.

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  12 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. That’s something to see. I never get to experience that kind of crazy!

  2. The house we’re putting an offer on is across the street from tons of low-income housing. So I guess this is something I have to look forward to!

    • Apparently some of the houses in my neighborhood were turned into low income after I moved here, but it seems to be more of the people who are just passing through that are unsavory.

      Well, aside from Robin!

  3. that’s not what i look like when i’m on heroin highs…

  4. If she show’s up again and try’s to sell you your own vacuum then it was crack, not heroin.

  5. WTF????? I hope I don’t look that wrecked when I’m strung out!

  6. Next time offer her some sort of citrus fruit, if she eats it like a fiend then it was definitely H.

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