Jul 172012

And it’s good enough to make me wanna fall in love
So now you’d better think close
And hear the sound of your voice
We’re screaming, “why can’t we just be friends?”
It’s not that easy, but it’s half of the fun
To see you throw the first punch now

This is relevant to current situations in my life and I am guilty of listening to it approximately 87 times a day for the last month because Pierce the Veil provides therapy for me that laying on a couch in a cold office will never come close to achieving. There is so much more I could say about that, but I know no one reads this shit for music lessons.

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So I will just keep beating Henry’s ear with my emo dissertations which includes the line, “THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO DIEEEEE” while crying behind my Mary Kate sunglasses.

Their new album comes out today. This coincides with the July Birthday celebration at work, so when I eat my cake today I’m going to be celebrating the growth of one of my favorite bands instead of my birthday.

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  I already told Barb this yesterday and her non-commital “Whatever” made me feel like she’s OK with that.

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(Ew, and apparently GLENN and LEE are also July babies and Barb threatened to make me stand in between them when the cake thing happens.)

I’m not depressed, but I feel kind of like I’m in a bubble. Needs more Warped Tour. :(

  4 Responses to “The First Punch: A Tuesday Intermission”

  1. Oh, this song! I quite liked it.

  2. When is your birthday?

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