Jul 302012

It’s my birthday! I had an action-packed birthday weekend! I just ate a raspberry lemonade cupcake! Now I’m going to let Barb fawn over me at work!

You know what I want for today? I mean, other than a bedside serenade from Jonny Craig? I just want you guys to share my blog with your friends. Having people read this thing would make me happy on my birthday.

I mean, you don’t have to do anything, but IT IS MY BIRTHDAY.

33 is going to be better than 32. It has to be.

  11 Responses to “Woo, 33!”


    33 will be better… anything with 2 3’s in it is sheer greatness :)

  2. Ironically, yesterday was MY birthday, and what did I do yesterday?? Set up a Pinterest Board of all (well, most of) the blogs I follow. YES, yours was one of them … or maybe you saw that (or my blog post, etc.) and that planted the thought? Either way, I threw a little love your way here … http://pinterest.com/hyethymecafe/blogs-i-follow/


  3. I “liked” you on facebook. Happy Birthday! It’s my son’s 22nd birthday so I’m having a dinner party tonight. My bathroom sink is clogged so I arranged for plumber to fix tomorrow then started to clean my kitchen. Kitchen sink plugged! Called plumber back, demanded they must come now!! because of party tonight. While on hold I noticed that I had put the stopper in the sink so I could bleach it. Sigh.

  4. and again, Happy b-day gorgeous!!! You are awesome! I don’t post here often, but you have to know I check this place out EVERY FREAKING DAY!!! Great blog!

  5. Happy birthday dear Erin!

  6. I know I’m late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was amazing.

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