Sep 062012

I’ve been trying to give myself a bit of a blogging rest, which is why the last few posts have been mostly photos. It is good to rest the brain here and there, or so I’m told; this isn’t something I do often, but when I start catching myself staring off into space, in complete subliminal shut-down mode, I know that it’s time. This break combined with Chooch being back in school means that I’ve even had time to READ A BOOK.

  • I made Henry stop and get me an iced pumpkin latte at Starbucks on the way to work today. “You have one in your building!” he cried in defiance. Um yeah, but it tastes better when Henry gets it for me. His attempt at dissension prompted me to remind him that I don’t ask for much. “I know,” he sighed. And then, “Wait, what do you mean?? You ask for EVERYTHING.”
  • There is going to be another Walking Challenge! It’s starts near the end of September and this time it is the ENTIRE Firm, not just our Pittsburgh office. (There are 30-some offices worldwide; so many new ones have sprung up in the two and a half years I’ve been there that I’ve lost count.) My team is almost the same as last time, except Barb replaced Amber2. Barb and Carey were the only ones who flat out asked to join my team, which I think is outrageous considering I was #1 in our department (#7 in the whole Pittsburgh office) last time. Barb even caught me screening people on the phone. “Exactly how well did you do last time?” I asked Regina. “Um, I was average,” she admitted. Average? Forget it!
    • Henry said that he and Chooch are going to live down the street at the Comfort Inn until the Challenge is over. Seri claims she is not mentally prepared for this, but it’s not her “mental” that needs preparing, it’s her feet because she’s going to be walking half of this along with me.
  • I’m going to see Barry Manilow next week! (Yes, I like Barry Manilow!) Pretty stoked about this, to be honest. Will probably be pulling out my old Manilow Greatest Hits CDs this weekend. Hopefully Henry’s mom will let me borrow something to wear to this.
  • All I have been able to focus on lately is the upcoming 3rd annual Pie Party: Third Coming of Crust and this god forsaken 2nd annual Halloween decorating contest at work. I have had that all planned out in my head before last year’s competition was even judged (if you have so rudely forgotten, I owned that bitch last year), but over the last week it has really started to come together and I just can’t wait to get started! It’s going to be a big departure from last year’s installment.
    • If you’re local and want to come to the Pie Party, hit me up for details! It’s always a fun day in the park, porking out on pies.
  • In the car tonight, Chooch said, “I always know when a song is Robert Smith* because the voice always sounds sad.” (*It’s always Robert Smith to him, never the Cure.)
  • Today at work, Amber2 told me she liked my nails. “Thanks!” I said. “I painted them while I was watching The Real World.” I have a really tough life.
  • I know I’m supposed to be not caring about blogging right now, but we went to the Westmoreland County Fair two weeks ago and I still haven’t written about it yet and it’s pretty much driving me nutso.
  • My brother Corey got a temp job at a law firm across the street from my Law Firm, so he stopped by the other night on his way home to say hello and see my desk in all of its Jonny Craig splendor.

    One of my co-workers saw him and asked me, “Is this your lover?” That was almost as awkward as the time I was at Warped Tour with Blake and Henry, and some dude asked if Blake was my boyfriend, and then when he found out it was actually Blake’s DAD who is my boyfriend, asked, “Oh. Do you guys ever have threesomes?” That’s not Awkward City; THAT is Awkward Megalopolis.

  • Yesterday at work, I totally lost my mind thinking about my old Mexican deaf persona, Manuel. I was laughing alone at my desk so violently, that I couldn’t speak to anyone when they approached me, and one co-worker mistook my laughter for asphyxiation and seemed genuinely concerned. Thank god the Paper Clip Monitor is teaching himself CPR. However, I began thinking about this and my nonsensical obsession with wheelchairs and said to Barb, “You know, I probably sealed my fate. I’m going to wind up deaf and in a wheelchair one day.

  • The zipper was broken on the brand new pair of pants I wore to work yesterday. (Or “slacks,” as the Barry Manilow demographic might say.

    ) Barb thought this was just the greatest thing, because for once, misfortune had shifted from her to me. At one point, I leaned all the way back in my chair at my desk and shamelessly yanked the zipper up like a fat old man. Deaf and in a wheelchair with broken pants. This is my future.

    • My suggestion of Wheelchairs and Hearing Aids as our walking team name was vetoed. So was Praise Ginger Jesus.
      • I don’t even care that Jonny Craig is getting married anymore. He sucks even more now that he’s sober, if that’s even possible.

  3 Responses to “Thinking on a Thursday”

  1. I haven’t blogged in, like, two weeks. But hardly anyone even reads my blog so I’m probably good. I just have NOTHING to blog about. By the way – did you get my email with my address and my request for yours? Send me your address, mkay? Oh, your team name should be Wheelchairs and Walkers. See what I did there?

    • I read your blog!

      It’s just been so hard to get myself to sit down in front of the computer lately. I have all this nervous energy and it’s been driving me nuts.

      Shit, I somehow missed your email!

  2. I like praise ginger Jesus. I didn’t get a vote!

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