Oct 162012

I bought an old muffin tin for a dollar or something (Henry paid, I wasn’t watching) and then made a clown collage for my desk because I felt I didn’t have enough things of a clown nature. I didn’t know right away what I was going to use it for, but this all played out during the weekend before I started decorating my desk, so the clown idea came to me pretty fast. Like “in the car on the way home, exclaimed OH-HO! with so much vigor, it made Henry jolt” fast.

First I painted it and then pasted Internet-procured clown pictures in there.

(“Did you wash it first?” Henry asked. Um, what do you think? Fuck, no.)

Then I coated it with some kind of glaze bullshit. This was on an Erin-level of disaster.

I also super-glued circus peanuts, a clown head and a moustache in three of the thingies.

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It was on an Erin-level of easiness.

NOTE: If you don’t have an old muffin tin, rob a hoarder.

And that concludes my DIY mixed media thingie tutorial.


No, Henry didn’t help me with any of this.

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That’s me in the lower righthand corner! I think I was three. Chris said it’s the creepiest picture in there.



This one is my favorite. I think I found it by Googling “Asian clowns.” I’m really not sure.

Elsewhere in Halloween Desk World, Barb has been helping me make some Glenns.

“Um…why don’t you sign your name to the back of this one?” I suggested when she showed me her so-so rendition of Pinhead. God forbid people think my Glenn-defacing talent is tapped out.

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  6 Responses to “Clown Collage: A Kind Of DIY Post”

  1. Have you done Glenns as the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show yet?
    I hope all of this Halloween decorating hasn’t distracted you from your walking challenge!

  2. See, I never would have thought to do that! A Pinterest addict like myself could have a field day inside your brain.

  3. This is really crafty and an excellent idea but I want you to know it gave me violent full body shivers. I’m so creeped out right now.

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