Nov 252007

Good morning. I made a creamy pear pie last night all by myself. (Except that Henry cut the pears because I’m not allowed to use knives.) Then Henry skulked around behind me like a member of the Kitchen Secret Service, making sure I didn’t set off any culinary equivalents of the a-bomb.

And it came out good! I’m a baker! I’ll be baking more pies today. Maybe not today, but soon. I’m making my own crust for the next one.

"So, basically, I can put anything I want in the middle of a pie?" I asked Henry.

Flipping through the circulars, he mumbled, "Yeah, pretty much. Wait, why?"

"Because now I’m thinking."

"That’s scary," he monotoned.

I can’t stop thinking about oranges and currants. And maple syrup.


Say it don't spray it.

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