Dec 102012

If there’s one thing I can’t do while I’m sick, it’s rest.

So, what better time to make a stupid picture frame with the bag of plastic babies I bought last September? I really didn’t have any premeditated design in my head, other than I knew I wanted the baby to be gold.


Gold baby! Sparkles! Woo!


We bought the most majestic wooden coffee table at Goodwill yesterday for .

One of the perks to this is that Chooch will finally stop telling everyone that comes into our house the story of how Mommy broke the glass coffee table.

Another perk is that it has drawers to hide our drugs* store the remotes and circulars**.

*(I shouldn’t joke about this. Especially not after our next door neighbors—as in, the people on the other side of our duplex—were just arrested last week by no less than 10 undercover cops. Our other neighbor swears it was the US Marshalls. Of course I was at work so I can’t confirm.)

**(Yeah, like I’d actually ever stop throwing the circulars out as soon as we get them just to piss off Henry.)

Anyway, I have big plans for Henry to paint that bitch up.

In other half-assed DIY-news, I put Chooch to work on our Xmas cards, so if you want one, holla! (And when you’re done holla’ing, email me your address:

K, bye.

  4 Responses to “DIYing & Xmas Cards”

  1. 1. That frame is awes.
    2. Emailing you now. My apartment needs some Chooch art!

  2. I am scared to death of that gold baby with the hollow eye sockets. You still have my address? Because I’d love a card and my fridge needs some awesome like I need a new tattoo. Which is desperately.

  3. Hi Erin – count us in! We absolutely need the Erin & Chooch 2012 Holiday card. But please do not send us one of those creepy gold babies. Holy smokes are they creepy! In other words, your crafty project was 100% successful. :-)

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