Apr 082013

Here is a completely half-assed, unprofessional listing of the remaining paintings from the craft show. Just like with the pendants, if you see something you like and want it, leave a comment with the name of the painting and make sure you use a valid email address in the comment form (which only I will see), and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

A big thanks to all of you who have expressed interest and have been so supportive! <3

NOTE: Please do NOT leave your email address in the actual comment portion. Some lady has been stalking me and is now resorting to contacting anyone who has left their email address here. She has already contacted two of my blog friends in the last two days and I am ready to scream.


Class of ’97 – 6×6


“Blahloons.” (I don’t have the exact dimensions of this one — waiting for HENRY to get back to me on that.)


“Whoever Blinks First” – 5″x7″


The Hob Nob! This is actually one of my all-time favorites. 5″ x 7″



“Birds on a Wire” (a large size?)



“Francis Shakes That Ass” – 5″x5″


” Somnambulant Skullz” – 8″8″



Frederico in the City” – 8″x8″


“Spectacles ” 8″x8″


“Robotic <3″ – 8″x8”

  11 Responses to “Rejected Paintings”

  1. Delia’s getting her own room this spring and she likes Somnambulant Skullz. Hit me!

  2. FUCK. How am I supposed to choose?!

    Whoever Blinks First and Spectacles, please.

  3. I hope the crazy lady isn’t who I suspect… I love your art, my house is filled with it, but I definitely want more. I’ll hit you up when my pockets aren’t so empty.

    • I’m sorry — I was way too harsh. I had just received another forwarded email from one of my friends and I kind of snapped.

      Thank you for being so supportive of my art — it really means a ton to me! <3

  4. I kind of want to put my email address here to have fun with the crazy.

  5. You have a STALKER??? How cool is that?? I wanna play with the STALKER, too!!!! Please???

  6. Oh no, I’m too late! I would have taken Birds on a Wire and Hob Nob. If anyone backs out of their purchases, I’ll take either…or both! See what happens when I don’t check my Twitter?

    PS – WTF is up with the stalker? Obv he/she isn’t aware that you have plenty of peeps that will have your back.

    • Aw, oh no!! :( I had some sales via Facebook, which I didn’t anticipate. If you decide you like any others, let me know! I might start making some more here and there – we’ll see ;) Thank you for your interest!!

  7. I love your paintings. And on Sunday I got to show off the ones I have and my friends loved them. I hope that you keep painting.
    Can I please get another ghosty? My one is lonely.

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