Dec 042008

Urgent. Will die without reading.

  • 12:16 Its like when I text, all my spelling skills go down the commode.
  • 13:06 I suggested going on a nice family walk today. Henry said “then find a nice family and walk with them”. FUCKO.
  • 15:26 Was called a sleazebag by my RUDE boyfriend.

  • 11:56 Listening to Husker Du, giving Henry gray hairs, going to take pictures.
  • 12:51 – Apparently no one’s allowed to look at Chooch when he’s wearing shades.
  • 14:07 For someone who doesn’t believe in that God hype, I sure take a lot of pictures of his houses.
  • 14:18 – In the mountains. Doing mountainous thangs.
  • 14:28 – Cucumber Falls, holla atcha girl.
  • 16:01 Just introduced Chooch to the wonders of candy flying saucers
  • 16:10 – Heaven for Chooch and me.
  • 20:39 Chooch just threatened to kill Blake.
  • 22:54 Public access, I love you.
  • 23:01 I want to host a foreign exchange student. Unless there’s a psych eval involved.

  • 13:11 Evidently, my brother and I can rot in Hell, direct orders from our mother.
  • 18:41 Swore Henry called me “fictitious” but then realized that word’s too big for him.
  • 19:09 – Standing in the circle at Target is better than Xmas for Chooch.
  • 23:05 JUST FOUND OUT HENRY USED TO HUNT?! Sickening.
  • 23:07 I’m going to start hunting hunters. I may be a vegetarian, but I don’t think I’d have a problem gnashing on hunter flesh.
  • 23:07 OOOH IM FIRED UP. I’m coming for you, fuckers.
  • 00:04 I’ll never fly a fighter jet again, that’s for sure.

  • 13:45 I weep openly for Britney.
  • 16:20 Chooch & I often have contests to see who can be most annoying/loud. Those are the times Henry is really thankful he left work early.
  • 23:21 When I ate meat, I preferred the Whopper over the Bic Mac. Just in case anyone needs filler for my eulogy.

  • 10:43 MTV’s True Life gets me through the day. I might otherwise be a drug mule.
  • 16:21 – Fucker’s snoring
  • 22:27 Steelers fan have dropped to #3 in a national survey of most loyal fans. And this is news.

  • 5:43 Woke up to some religious q&a show on tv. Someone wrote in: will God be mad if I choose cremation to save $? This is my new fave show.
  • 5:53 I always forget that some people consider god before doing shit. I’m going to try that. No I’m not.
  • 5:59 If I sign up for Shepherd’s Chapel fan club I can get the Mark of the Beast audio tape. I want that.
  • 9:17 – I pity that cat.
  • 16:37 My son is making his Satan puppet bite me and IT HURTS
  • 21:10 – Bathroom reading material at Henry’s job.
  • 23:00 – Painting these kind of dulls some of the hate I have brewing.

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  8 Responses to “I Guess LoudTwitter Forgot About Me: Tweet Dump”

  1. A treasure trove of tweets! I especially like when there are links to photos, too. Good collection!

    “5:59 If I sign up for Shepherd’s Chapel fan club I can get the Mark of the Beast audio tape. I want that. ”

    That sounds SCARY, girl!

  2. What happened to the Goldbricker??

  3. I agree with your boyfriend. You are a tad sleazy.
    However, that is HOT.

    Nicholas´s last blog post..Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Gay Cowboys

  4. umm… what ever happened to the days when i was usually first to comment??? i better step up my game!!!

    i LOVE your twitters!!!!!!
    seriously, they never fail to make me laugh.

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