Dec 112008

They range from 4×6 to 5×7, all on canvas board. They’re compact enough to make cute stocking stuffers. They fit comfortably between the anal beads and Astroglide.

I also want to take this opportunity to pimp out my teammates over at Etsy’s Dark Side. If you like the gothier side of life, they’ve got pretty much anything you need from clothing to ephemera to jewelry. I own rings from AgonysDecay  (Michael Myers, natch) and HandmadeHorrors (the cutest razorblade ever) and they come highly touted in my book. I haven’t purchased anything from her yet, but I’ve been ogling and hearting things over at LushPunk‘s shop so much that you’d think I’d just heard of Australia or something.

Porkchopshow not only has a great shop name, but would you look at his oddities? It’s like walking into a time capsule and I likey.

And a separate shout out goes to LaurenUrban, who makes the prettiest glass jewelry and plates. I own two cocktail rings, earrings, and a pendant from her and they are just gorgeous and swirly and mod. If you have a date with the Pink Panther coming up, then you need this pendant!

Turquoise and Blue Mod Fused Glass Pendant by LaurenUrban

I love Lauren!

Christmas is fast approaching. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT, YA’LL.

  7 Responses to “My ads are shittier than your ads”

  1. not only are these mini paintings awesome…
    (i will be buying), but you gave some great links.

    i love handmade horrors stuff- razorblades FTW!
    and the robot pin made by porkchopshow… AWESOME!

  2. I’m so about to be all over HandmadeHorrors’ posted coffin earrings… thanks for the links :)

  3. OMG Charlie is so squee!!!

  4. Ooh, good picks! I love that you’re doing mini paintings now too – they’re so cute!!

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