Dec 062007

Gumpopper, rummaging in purse: I can’t find my pack of gum.

Me: :)

Gumpopper: Oh never mind, here it go.

Me: :(

  17 Responses to “Notes from the Dayshift”

  1. I changed the color of your comment thread,so now you can read them.

  2. /giggle… That cracked me up!

    /hates annoying coworkers :(

  3. Your blog is possessed. The other day it was in Italian, like I mentioned (even the three white boxes above this one) and then it wasn’t, and now once again, it is.

    So maybe the vampiric ancestor really does exist and is communicating via your blog. Or something.

    • It’s just the comments that are in Italian? That’s really weird! I’m not sure if it’s doing that for anyone else.

      I wonder what’s up?

  4. what’s more annoying: her gum popping? or ebonics?

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