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For my friend Jessa, who appreciates Craig Owens as much as me!

In other lame areas of my life, I had the first game night of 2009 on Sunday but have been too lazy to write about it. Blogging is becoming a chore again. All I want to do is listen to music, write stories and skin missionaries. Drink some wine after that’s all done. You know, the usual.

I think my goal for 2009 is to make crepes filled with rich delicacies of the world. Then I will open a creperie and I will dress the windows with crepe draperies. I’ll have a specialty crepe called The Janna, which will have boot straps strategically folded in.  Another goal for 2009 is to learn how to make crepes in the first place.

Also for 2009, I would like to stop typing without my contacts in.

My friend Francesco had everyone ask him questions about 2008, and I’m going to ask everyone the one I asked him because I like it when you people tell me shit:

You have one day from 2008 to relive, maybe it’s because you want the chance to do it differently, or because it was just so good that you want to live it all over again. What day would you choose and why?

And I will tell you my answer, because you know I’m just screaming on the inside to talk about more about myself, tralala:

2008 wasn’t too horrible for me so I wouldn’t want to really change any of it. Even the parts that found me crying and puking out my guts in a cemetery? Those parts went on to become better days. So I would want to relive my favorite day of 2008 and there are two that are impossible for me to choose between so I guess if suddenly it were possible to make this question a reality and go back in time, I’d have to flip a fucking coin and then also I would want to go and have sex with Moses and see if that would make it in the Bible. And then after that, I would go thieve some bitches in Constantinople so next time I had to flip a fucking coin, I’d least have something cooler than a goddamn quarter.

Anyway, I’d pick either Warped Tour in July (obv.) or the Westmoreland County Fair in August which I can’t explain, but that was a fun fucking evening. For me, anyway. Henry notsomuch. Last summer was just really rad.


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  1. Crepes are super easy once you get the hang of not burning them! I used to make them as after-school snacks in high school. My favorite flavor is with melted butter and powdered sugar sprinkled over the top so it melts. delicioso. I only wish my new year’s resolution wasn’t to try to eat better/lose weight, or i would make some tonight! :o)

    p.s. i saw the most amazing serial-killer-esque pair at the grocery store the other night and tried to take a stealth erin-style phone-camera picture, but they were tricksy and escaped before I could sneak one. you would have appreciated their weirdness– one of them was a rather large, grizzly bear looking man who was literally holding his pants up with both hands as he waddled through the aisles. the other was his bitch, me thinks, because he was cowering behind him, pushing the carriage and muttering to himself.

    can’t wait to hear about game night! :o)

    • One of Bobby Flay’s Throwdowns was crepes and I had to turn it because after a certain point I began choking on my saliva, lol.

      Oh shit, I wish I had seen those people! I saw your tweet about it, actually, and laughed. That must have been a crazy/hilarious sight!

  2. Ok, so I had to respond, because oddly enough, Warped tour was my favorite day as well.

    I wasn’t originally planning on going because a) the last 4 times I went, I had photo passes, which I love because I get to shoot, and hide from scene kids and b) because I had no one to go with.

    But a week or so before hand, I got in contact with a friend who was on the tour, and willing to give me a tattoo that day, that I desperately wanted.

    So, even though my boyfriend’s whole family was coming into town that day, he drove me out there right around the time they were coming and dropped me off.

    I got in, went and found their merch tent, and said my hellos. Dropped the idea on Mike (tattooist) and then went to wander.

    Bored wandering alone, I found myself sitting in the grass not far from their tent. Watched their set, and then headed back to the tent. I was invited in by someone, and found a seat. In my mind I was sitting there ridiculing their merch guy for being such a weird looking dude. Then I got a text from a friend, and she asked me if I met this guy Brett yet, who we used to talk to online. Holy crap, it dawns on me, Brett is their merch guy! Haha. Two seconds later, he looks at me and goes, “Wait… I know you!” Hahaha. Fantastic.

    So all day Mike is trying to figure out where we can do my tattoo, all while doing his interviews and whatnots. I start to worry its not going to happen. Mike asks if we can go back to my house and do it. Well no Mike, I don’t have a car here, and my boyfriend’s parents are there and I don’t think they’d appreciate me coming home with a random guy and getting a tattoo in front of them while my boyfriend is out at a different show!

    Anyway, last minute, they find this guy who’s going to let them shower at his house, and they ask if it’s cool if I come too and get a tattoo while people are showering. The guy is totally game.

    We get to his house, and it turns into a party. Apparently all his neighbors are his best friends, and they come down and stand around in the kitchen drinking beer while I lay on an ottoman getting a tattoo with my belly hanging out. Awesome. By the time we’re done, it’s 1am, and the only person not showered is Mike. So I call the boyfriend, give some hugs, and head home. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    The tattoo if you’re interested.

  3. Hands down my best day was my wedding in May. I only would have changed the fact that my brother couldn’t make it.

    Your fair post was hysterical!

  4. Damn, I had so much fun at that fair. I only go on those kind of rides for you. And I think it was one of my favorite days of last year.

    The other might be Justin’s wedding because it was the first time I’ve been to a wedding where it didn’t feel like just every other wedding. I can’t explain it well, but it was a really good day.

    There was nothing horrible that happened in 2008 that I’d really want to go back and fix. Not this year. 2007 yeah, but that’s not what the question was.

    Also, I’m flattered to have one of your crepes named after me =) I tried to make them once for French class in high school… they’re not so easy to do, but they taste good even if you screw them up. =P

    • I don’t know what it was about that day, but it was made of giddiness. I think what I liked most is that we were in a group. It’s so hard anymore to get people together. I want to make a photobook for that day, but I’m too lazy.

      2007 was yucky.

  5. Good choices for your days.

    Mine is the day I got officially engaged (Indian Rocks Beach, Scrabble, pretty ring, can’t be beat) – May 12

    But also, Radiohead on May 6 was pretty damned awesome, too. Second row tickets and an amazing setlist.

  6. My favorite day(s) are the ones you weren’t here and the ones you were here and left early. Ha

  7. My favorite day of 2008? 9/11/08 was when my nephew was born. He’s great! Other than that, the end of October was fun because I got to fly to San Francisco to be in my best friend’s wedding. Hadn’t seen her or her fiance in person since my wedding four years ago

    As for the creperie, do it! Some girl did in downtown Detroit. She’s got a goldmine. For real, she rents a place the size of a coat check room and goes to town.

    If you can get Henry to buy you a few crepe pans and ingredients, you’re halfway there. And here, digging deeper I found a video about it:

  8. Oh yeah – the things I’d change about 2008:
    Demanding I go see Ray’s grandpa before he died in September
    Forcing my uncle to stay in Michigan instead of going back to his bitch wife in Florida, hence stopping him from killing himself.

  9. … that question is tough.

    i hope 2009 has even more awesome days for you than 2008.

  10. Predictable, but I’d relive the day I got engaged.

  11. Ack, I am an awful blogger friend for only seeing this NOW. YAY for Craig! Can I just express how freaking CUTE he is?! Lord.

    Oh, and as for your question about 2008… To be honest? I can’t even remember the year, or what happened. I was going to say getting married, but then I remembered that I got married in December 2007, so that doesn’t really count. And… My life has been one big annoying disappointment this past year… so. Oh! Oh! What if I said the day I came across your blog?? Will that give me extra brownie points?

    Jessa´s last blog post..Quick Announcement

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