Dec 172007

The Secret Santa gift exchange at work is this Friday and I’m proud to say that I’m 100% ready.

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Since yesterday. Five whole days early. This is unlike me.

The girl I shopped for is 18 and cool like me; she likes music that I like, and nautical things and her favorite colors are red, yellow, orange, and brown. I bought her a bunch of little things, and then I decided to try and be an ultra-sweetheart with a center of pure delight and honeyed raindrops. So I painted her a picture of an anchor garden.

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Lookie, the flowers are all blooming in her FAVORITE COLORS.

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See how I did that, combined two things on her list? See that?

I’m a bit intimidated though, because she’s a real artist (according to my boss) and not a fake poseur ass ho-bitch artist like me.

Dying to know who got me. Sneaking suspicion says Tina.

  18 Responses to “Fake Art for Xmas”

  1. what is this… the softer side of erin week?

    i feel very confused.

    i like your painting though. she’s lucky!!!!!

  2. kinda jealous.
    and by “kinda” i mean “insanely.”

  3. I was kind of frightened that she wouldn’t like it until you said she’s an artist. A fellow artist is sure to appreciate how special it is to receive a painting.

    Get some confidence, girl. Your art really is good.

  4. you ARE a REAL ARTIST, silly.

    i love this painting and it’s richness.


  5. Yay you! She’d better appreciate that painting, it’s super!

    ALSO speaking of Erin creations, the Ed Gein holiday greeting card you made was sent last week and received over the weekend – and the recipient LOVED IT. He is none other than “Iron Chef Gein” on LJ… I told him that the card was created by a fellow LJer (though you’re like the artist formerly known as an LJer now but still, I figured if he wanted to look you up he could find you there). Actually I sent the card but it was on behalf of me and “The Pilchard” over there. In any case, he was thrilled to bits with it, and I wanted you to know :-).

  6. Okay, so, y’know how I’ve been sort of reluctant to make suggestions re: the painting you promised me? I’m over that now. I love love love love love the anchor. Get on it, woman.

    Did you get my last letter?

  7. i’ve been a “stalkerish” fan of your work for a while now and i just wanted to make my first comment. you are very talented and if i had enough money, my whole apartment would be covered in your paintings. i just wanted to let you know, you are a real artist for sure.

  8. That is an awesome painting, yo.

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