Feb 262014


Oh hey guys! I’m so excited because I got Etsy to reactivate my original Somnambulant shop and I didn’t even have to get on my knees. It’s funny how two years ago I was like, “I DON’T EVEN CARE, SHUT DOWN MY STUPID SHOP!” because I was just so over it. But having it back again and seeing all the old stuff that I sold and my Somnambulant banner and all the typos in my shop info…well, it was like being home again. Seriously, it was like being back at my mom’s house. The only thing missing was the audio of her screaming at the dogs.

I have most of my current inventory listed already and I’m working on adding more real soon because I’m really in the zone, you know? All of the Twin Peaks-binging has definitely helped and I can already sense a new collection being born from that since pretty much all I listen to in the morning is its soundtrack.


If you’re interested in a custom painting of monsters spelling out names of loved ones, pets, celebrities, political candidates from the 1800s, Ross & Rachel, what have you, then by all means, hit me the eff up. These are $40 for an 8″x8″, but Oh Honestly Erin readers can use Etsy coupon code BLOODCAKES for 20% off, whaddup.


Your basic parade of prehistoric jubilation.

These photos aren’t the best. I took them with my iPhone just to have something to show, but I plan on getting better pictures with my real camera later this week. Also–I’m bringing back the bathroom plaques!



Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately, a whirling dervish of paint and idiocy. I plan on having another giveaway soon too, because why not?

  9 Responses to “Ant-Covered Donuts, Dinosaurs and Other Stuff”

  1. i looooved “first sight” and should have bought it, but bought “leaving” instead (which i love as much – should have just bought them both!). any chance you could do a print or recreation of it?? https://www.etsy.com/transaction/9839346

  2. You are AMAZINGLY TALENTED! I mean that 100%. I love your paintings and show you off to everyone I know. When I have more dollars, I’ll be buying another. Or two. ♥

  3. I’m happy to read that you are selling the bathroom plaques again. We put in an offer on the rectory today. If the sellers and mortgage company don’t laugh in our faces (I’m still fairly certain that they will) a Holy Shitter plaque is going to be the first thing I buy!

  4. Yeay! I’m so excited for you and so glad to hear you’re back to it. You know I love your stuff!

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