Mar 132014

Here are three Instavids of Henry and Chooch, because I have nothing else to do right now and I guess because these videos make me smile.

Because I love them. There, I said it.

Trying to fake like he hates Emarosa in the car today, BUT LOOK AT HIM SMILING.

The jig is up, Henry. You like Emarosa and now everyone knows.

I got to work from home last night because we were supposed to get bad weather (were we, though? I just went home because that’s what I was told to do) and this is what I had to deal with. Yes Chooch, you’re beautiful. Now go lay down.

Olive Garden commercials make him shake it.

  2 Responses to “Those Guys I Live With, In Motion”

  1. Your kid is hilarious! That eyebrow waggle, I died. And the twerking! Oh god.

    That video of Henry is darling. It’s the happiest I’ve seen him look, I think.

  2. Henry loves you BACK! Ewwwww!

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