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Today was a grand day (I’m resurrecting grand as a hip superlative. Learn it.). First, Dyanna treated me to ice cream and waffles at Oh Yeah, a delightfully grand establishment that offers over 100 ice cream and waffle mix-ins. EVEN LOVE AND MAGIC.  It is unfortunate that places like this make me feel overwhelmed and panicked, like my ultimate decision will go on my life’s report card and be the deciding factor between an afternoon getting an angelic facial at God’s country club, or an evening getting nailed by Satan’s flaming thorn-studded dick. It was a matter that required my serious attention, clearly. And even though I kept eye-balling “habanera” and “Corn Pops,” I listened to the lovely dread-headed expert behind the counter and went with my gut: cashews and figs, which were blended up in a sweet cream base and paired with a vegan cinnamon waffle. It was the most amazing breakfast, with great company and good, tongue-searing coffee. I will be going there on the weekly. Dyanna already said I could.

Later, Blake came over and we finally had some fun with the gas mask I bought last fall. Everything was fine until Henry decided to smack Chooch in the face with the car door. Get used to it, Chooch. That’s how Daddy makes Mommy feel on the hourly – smashed in the face by something cold and steely. And it wouldn’t be so bad if it was at least some kind of Terminator dildo I’m talking about, and not a fistful of disdain.

How grand is my relationship with Henry?

Afterward, we went to Denny’s, where Blake taught Choochie No-Nap to shout “I’ll bury you!” to Henry.

It was a grand Sunday. Especially since Blake didn’t carve me with the rusty knives we found in a field.

  19 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. i love gas masks. for some reason, find them very sexy. yet creepy. and i love that combination.

    i use grand all the time! *amused*

  2. I hope you aren’t offended but I have a suggestion for your photograph. Next time get way down in the grass at prey level and shoot up. It will tell even more of a story. This particular shot looks kind of posed.

    Michelle´s last blog post..FREE Suave

    • Nah, I’m not offended. We just do this shit for fun. Oh, and it was totally posed.

      • Cool! When I took photo classes peer evaluations were a big part of it and I find myself looking at pictures with a critical eye. Of course you never know how someone is going to react to a suggestion so I try not to be too nit-picky. :)

        • No, it’s cool. But I feel like if I personally looked at it with a critical eye, it would no longer be fun for me, but just yet another thing that stresses me out. Does that make sense? We very literally just go outside and fuck around with it, and I like it that way. It’s less pretentious since it’s just for fun and not for some greater purpose.

          Besides, I really like this photo the way it is. :)

    • Oh! And we did do some like that, by the way.

  3. I love how this photo makes it look like the sky goes on forever. Nice shot. Looks like you always have a lot of fun at these impromptu “shoots.” Wish I could model for you. You might help me get some chicks.

    • Thank you! You should come here for real. I love taking pictures of people. I could maybe put a leash on you or something. Wait — would you let me stick a knife in you?

  4. I LOVE this photo! Especially the dreariness of the sky behind Blake–that adds all the mood we need!

  5. Whatever, I think this photo is perfect the way it is. I mean, it’s a kid in a field, wearing a gas mask and wielding a knife — a simple stance like you shot him in is all this photo needs. Anything else and it’s overdone, IMO.

    Just keep having fun with it like you are, the results are fun to look at!

    • Hey thanks, friend. But you know, it’s very subjective and I can’t expect everyone to like every single thing I do. And that’s OK, as long as I like it, right? :)

  6. I like every single thing you do, just saying…

  7. How odd is it that I comment on your flickr, on this exact picture, before coming to your blog and seeing it all huge. Crazzzzy.

  8. Well, I think that is a GRAND photograph and I would like to own it, por favor.

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