Dec 202007

So, supposedly there’s one of those Steelers games on tonight, and Kim and Eleanore are being all football-y and speaking in a lexicon that I am not privy. Oh, but I WOULD be able to join in the revelry if COLLIN had taught me the ins and outs of that dumb sport like he said he would! Can’t I count on anyone anymore?

"We have to win this game, I mean, if they want diamonds and gold," said Eleanore, quite philosophically.

You get diamonds and gold if you win a football game?! I’m signing up Chooch.

"Mmm mmm mmm. Sonofabitch. Play defense now, come on fools." I love listening to Eleanore when the Steelers have their fingers around her proverbial nutsack.

  15 Responses to “It’s sports night at work”

  1. my boy willie parker’s out and i’m saddened by this. ankle injury, i believe. i can’t see this game cos it’s on nfl network or some other fancy crap i don’t have! :(

  2. word. willie is the shit, and apparently he’s out for the fucking YEAR cos his leg is broken! *cries*

  3. The Steelers really needed to win that game, so I’m glad that they did, but I’m pissed and saddened that Willie Parker got hurt. =(

  4. WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. … no pittsburgh had to just ride the coat tails of philadelphia. shame.

    even patty labelle couldn’t pull it out for pennsylvania.


  6. thank god for nick lachey.

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