Dec 242007

I’m working 12-8 today since it’s Christmas Eve. At first, I was angry to be here so early, since I have to endure the Gum Popper and the Lady with the Laugh (today it sounds like she’s sucking back an entire circus of albinos down the back of her throat and Collin actually had me contemplating the kinkiness of this until I remembered what she looks like).

But then, something magical happened: Santa came.

Yes, SANTA. Here. And I got to have my picture taken with him! And his skanky, over-aged elf tossed a broken mini candy cane into my hand!

Due to all of the excitement, I forgot to tell him that I really want this for Christmas:

(Ew, the lady next to me just laughed and it sounded like a phlegm water fall was going to shoot from her nose. When she was through sonically assaulting me, she mused, "That’s another thing I need to get at the store — tissues." YA THINK.)

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  1. Wow. You are the most coolest person ever. I hope you get that guy for Christmas because you deserve him and everything else you want because you’re


  2. What? That comment was real.

  3. Hi, Merry Christmas. I’m glad Santa came to see you at work. Did you get to sit on his lap?

    Ew, so she even pretty much admits that she’s gross when she laughs?!

  4. i’m not santa- but i’ll see what i can do.

  5. Was it as good for Santa as it was for you? ;D

    Who is the hottie in the picture? I feel like I should *know*, but being elderly and all perhaps I am not cool enough to recognize him….

    • It’s Craig Owens from Chiodos. They’re not very big so don’t feel elderly for not knowing!

      By the way, I was singing your praises last night!

  6. Whooo is that?!

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