Sep 292009

I just found out over the weekend that one of my favorite defunct bands has reunited and a new album is due out this November on Trustkill. You know how I found out? I tweeted this  last December:

15:38 all i want for xmas is for armsbendback to reunite. get on that, fat man.

In my heart, I always knew that posting my tweets to my blog would benefit me someday (on top of the fact that 75% of my tweets were vaporized during the Great Twitter/Facbook Outage of Summer ’09), and this was finally validated over the weekend when SANTA HIMSELF found the entry containing that tweet and left this comment:

well merry fuckin christmas

odd how i was trying to find out more about this fantastic news and this blog is the first thing that came up in the search

I listened to their album “The Waiting Room” a lot back when it came out in 2003. It got me through some tense and frustrating days at Weiss Meats, where I was the office manager and spent most of my four years there plotting suicide and homocide. And even to this day it remains one of the few albums that I can listen to start to finish, no skipping required.

This song in particular, “Arms of Automation,” STILL makes my eyes sting with tears when I hear it.

Thank you, Santa. I will never refer to you as “Fat Man” ever again.

(I hope they tour. Get on that one next, Santa.)

  3 Responses to “When tweets save a life. Sort of.”

  1. Santa is the MAN!!! And the song you shared? So good.

    Does this mean the Easter Bunny is real, too?

  2. I just found a messae from you in my spam folder of email. I think the blog “gods” hate me too because I am no longer notified when you post a blog and I am finding all kind of stuff in my spam folder.Jeez, when will these genius computer people perfect this crap!

    • See?? Sometimes blogs create so much havoc. The plugin I was using to send email notifications hasn’t been working for a few mths now. Henry said it’s because WordPress was upgraded and some of the plugins haven’t caught up yet but I think that’s his way of saying, “I don’t care enough about your blog to fix it.”

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