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Dear friends,

Please help distract me. I’m bored and restless. Talk to me. Recommend cultural delights. I feel like my fingers want to be dancing but have no music, so ask me things you want to know about me. Yes, let’s have a Q&A session. I need interaction.

This is your chance to ask me about my bra size.


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  53 Responses to “Getting to know me”

  1. OK, I have two questions, hope that’s ok.

    1. Are you ever going to write a book?
    2. Can I have Chooch?

  2. Favorite ice cream flavor?

    • I used to like anything having to do with chocolate, the more depths and layers the better.

      But now that I’m an oldie, I kind of like lighter flavors better, and lately I’ve been fig and cashews #1 fan-bitch.

      So, fig & cashew is my answer.

  3. would you take out the sugar fairy for a million dollars?

    • WAIT. “Take out” as in, on a date? Because I’d do that for a cupcake.

      But if you mean “take out” as in “assassinate” then NO WAY, not even for a million bucks.


  4. Where do I find a chick as awesome, funny, and hot as you? Please hook a brotha’ up.

  5. First question: Long time reader, first time writer (that may be a lie) WTF? Just WTF?

    Second question: Should I open a etsy store even though 80000 people sell the same stuff as i would sell? Impart to me your amazing business sense.

    • Etsy is really fun and is a great place to meet cool people. Depending on what you sell, you just have to be patient. I barely sold anything in the beginning. Months would go by and nothing, not even a nibble. You just have to invest the time to put yourself out there, particpate in the forums, join a team. Etsy’s Dark Side really had a huge part in boosting my sales, it’s a great team!

  6. oh good! I have a LOT of Qs and you are to A everything I ask!!!

    let’s start with you and henry; what’s your story? how did chooch happen?

    • Lol, Henry and I met at work in 2000. I was the office manager and he was a delivery driver. It was love/hate for months and then we went out one night and it was only supposed to be a one night stand but he fell for me, tra la la.

      By the fall of 2001, we were officially dating, and he was living with me by the following summer.

      Chooch was planned, actually. No one ever believes that because I was very much about being child-free but Henry made me realize I wanted one. AND JUST THE ONE!

      • aww preciousness!

        MORE Qs

        -do you call chooch, chooch? I can’t ever remember the kids name. But that’s because I think chooch is a wicked name to call someone

        -how did you come up with ‘chooch’?

        -ever gotten into a serious fight?

        • It’s sad actually–most everyone calls him Chooch, even my grandma! However, he somehow knows his real name is Riley. Thank god.

          Chooch is pronounced with the same “o” sound as “cook.” Choochie rhymes with cookie. Best way I can explain it!

          I started him calling him Choochie Cabrera right after we came home from the hospital with him. He just looked like a Chooch! I also call him Shooshul. Don’t ask, because I have no answer.

          Amazingly, I have never gotten into a serious fight, though I’m very quick-tempered and aggressive. I’m mouthy, and a belligerent drunk, so it’s really quite a feat that I haven’t gotten my ass kicked. I’ve begged for it at times, even.

          I’ve made Henry bleed before, broken his glasses twice. He never fights back.

          In fact, there is one bitch who I would love to meet in an alley one day. Even though she weighs 400lbs more than me, it’d be worth it.

          How about you? Any serious fights?

        • oooh I’ve been saying it like “choooooch” like choo choo… you know?

          You and I will tagteam that bitch

          and I did, in highschool. well… it wasn’t a fight exactly, because I completely annihilated this guy because he called me a fag… because I was wearing a pink shirt (which totally warrants hate!) it was just sooo fucking stupid I got angry and beat his goddamn ass

          and now every douche wears pink so wtf was his problem?

          the important thing is that i made him cry and I said “just remember that even a queen can make you her bitch so watch your fucking mouth”

          I felt bad about it after
          so I just went to starbucks and then I felt okay

          • SEE??? Fuck, I wish we lived close enough to hang out.

          • haha we would have fun, methinks. I should have enough funds to come to your birthday if that invite is still open?

            imagine if I lived near you. I could totally babysit chooch!
            but then we would all become familiar with the phrase “I can’t like priscilla: queen of the desert”

  7. What does Chooch want for his birthday besides more puzzles?

    Second question, how hard will you punch me if I buy him a Steelers jersey for his birthday?

    Third, will you be making more Holy Shitter plaques?

    Forth, have you taken a cupcake painting to the Sugar Fairy yet? If you haven’t done it and we come back out in May for Chooch’s b-day, I will force you to do so AND introduce yourself as the blog writer.

    • That’s a good question! Right now all he says is “puzzle” so I’ll keep working on him.

      Lol – I wouldn’t punch you! If that was MY birthday present, THEN I’d punch you!

      I made one today!

      And no, I haven’t made her that painting yet! I want to. I should. I’m scared! Did I tell you that I’m painting something to give to Craig Owens when I see him on Sunday? I can’t promise that my nerve will be there by the time the show is over, but hopefully I can muster up the courage to stick around and give it to him. Even if I just say, “Here” and run!

      • You better do it Erin! You make sure that painting gets done and its in the car with you. Who are you going to the show with? Whoever they are needs to make you hand it over. I know how intimidating the situation is, but you can do it and I know he’ll dig the art. So just suck it up and hand it over! It would be more mysterious if you said “Here” and then ran away. He’ll probably mention you in an interview with AP a year later.

        Make sure you have one in stock if we make it out in May, since I have two bathrooms and the other one is jealous (although it does have a Steelers shower curtain).

        • Alisha’s going with me, and she’s not the type to coddle me, so I can already imagine me begging her to do it for me, and her shoving me in his general direction, lol!

          I will definitely have one in stock for you:) I hope you guys can make it! We’re going to go out to the park this Saturday and see about reserving a pavilion for that weekend.

  8. next question: where do you get your inspiration for paintings? is that what your brain looks like on the inside? :D

    also, where do you find the time girl?!

    • I like this question!

      I’m inspired by everything from song lyrics, a word or sentence I read somewhere, the way a tree looks from the car window as we drive past it — all kinds of stuff. Lots of times it just happens, like with the monsters. I usually have no idea what I’m going for until a shape starts to happen.

      I don’t sleep much!

      Question for you:

      What types of things are you planning on putting in your shop if you make one? And you better let me know when you open it so I can heart you:)

  9. Do you think Henry and you are ever going to get married? Or is he too much of a weenie? Or is it you who is putting it off?

    • I think one day we will. We talk about it a lot and he says he has known for years the way he’s going to ask me. Unforch, I think he was unsure of my sincerity for many, many years, as most people are.

  10. Do you think you and Henry will ever get married? Or is he too much of a weenie? Or is it you who is putting it off?

    Sorry if this posted twice. My internet explorer can bite me.

  11. What motivated you to start painting? How did you come to love The Cure? Do you enjoy casseroles? Lately all I ever cook is casseroles, and I think it’s because I’m lazy (uses less dishes/pans) but for the most oart they’re pretty good…

    Feel free to ask me some questions too if you are still bored :)

    • I used to paint when I was younger, but stopped doing any art at all for years. I started again two summers ago, when I promised small paintings to the people who sponsored me for Blogathon. It made me remember how much I liked it, even if they were kind of sucky and showed how rusty I was! But it made me remember what a good release it was, emotionally. The opposite of how writing is for.

      My step-dad had a few Cure albums when I was little, and I have good memories of hearing him play them at parties. I didn’t REALLY start liking them until I was older though, in high school. The height of my fandom was probably in 2000-2001. I used to drink wine, lay on giant floor pillows, and cry while listening to Disintegration, lol. I have no shame in admitting that either!

      I DO like casseroles, but Henry doesn’t make them very often.

      What is your favorite kind of casserole? Also, what’s your fave band(s)?

      • Lately I have been making some delicious casseroles based in the mac and cheese model.. like mac and cheese mixed with broccollii and extra sharp cheddar, etc… not very fancy but fast and cheap (and tasty). Also, anything (just about) can be turned into a lovely enchilada casserole. I make enchiladas often. Oh and chicken pot-pie-esque things. We’ve got to get Henry making you some casseroles! :)

        Haha, I STILL like to lay on the floor, drink wine and listen to my favorite albums, and possibly cry if the mood’s right. I think that’s an awesome time!

        Current fave bands–lately I’m listening to a lot of Bon Iver, Shearwater, and Fleet Foxes, mixed in with The Aislers Set, some occasional Neko Case… And Scott Walker. There’s always room for Scott Walker. perpetual faves include My Morning Jacket and Drive By Truckers. I think we ought to trade mix CDS OMG. :)

        Lisa´s last blog post.."In the field of opportunity, it’s plowing time again.” – Neil Young"

  12. What did your death row penpal do to end up on death row???

  13. How do you find people near you that don’t suck?
    Why are teenage girls such bitches?
    Does jump roping really provide a good workout or does it just rattle your brain?
    How much could a wood-chuck chuck?
    Oh yeah and what do you hope your next job is?

    • I don’t have very many friends because it’s so hard to find non-sucky people! I always consider it a small miracle when I DO find someone cool.

      Teenage girls are so bitchy because they have so much hate going on and don’t know how to process it. I only know this because I’m still one of them!

      I love jumproping. It de-stresses me. It’s only a good workout if you don’t subsist on cupcakes.

      I always confuse woodchucks, beavers, and groundhogs!

      Hopefully, my next job will be a carnie. I already have the face of a derelict, I’d just need to smear some grease on it.

  14. so…what IS your bra size?

    (i have abnormally large boobies, so i like talk shop.)

    kate´s last blog post..luddites unite

  15. Who is your favorite serial killer, and why?

    Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the top or bottom?

    What kind of shampoo are you currently using?

    Is Marcy a Maine Coon Cat, and if she is, how do you feel about the breed? (I love them)

    Who would you prefer to have dinner with: Jackson Pollock, or Michael Vick?

    Do you find me creepy? wait. don’t answer that one.

    • Where to start??

      I would have to say my fave killer is Gein, because to me it’s the one story that really shook me to the core. It’s gory enough to kill someone and leave ’em in a ditch, but to fashion a lampshade out of someone’s flesh? Amazing.

      However, if we’re going by hotness factor – Ted Bundy all the way!

      I squeeze the toothpaste from the top and/or middle, usually. I had to think about that though.

      Right now I’m using Tresemme oohlala, but I switch up after every bottle. I don’t really have a preference.

      I’ve had people suggest that Marcy is a Maine Coon, and looking at pictures, she seems to be one! But the vet always just called her a tabby. I want her to be Maine Coon!!

      I’m going to go with Pollock and it’s for a dumb reason: I want to thank him because I often use his last name as a verb in lieu of splash. “She Pollock’d the wall with vomit.”

      I find you awesome!

      • OMG — I switch after every bottle too!!

        Someone asked me the serial killer question just the other day (as a matter of fact) and it totally stumped me! I sat there, mind completely blank, and couldn’t even muster up a “Bundy.” But then, to overcompensate, I spewed almost every one i knew of, and Kelly Rippa (because you just never know, do you). I have to laugh at myself now, because I was like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” when he visited santa! :o)

        I love your usage of Pollock as a verb! It can be used in so many ways!

        This was a fun post!! :o)

        • It IS a really tough question! I am dying over here at your inclusion of Kelly Rippa in your list — she DOES have that look in her eyes!

          What is it like being a chemist, by the way? Chemistry was pretty much the only science class I did well in and I really enjoyed it. (Physics can suck it.)

        • It’s ok. It has it’s ups and downs like anything, I guess. It’s a good job if you feel the need to know the answer to everything. Plus, you get to work with some really badass chemicals. :o)

          I work with a lot of socially inept people, though. Working for a large chemical company is kind of like Office Space… a lot of the same personalities exist in my office (and some are a lot scarier!). I’m still undecided as to whether I like it completely, but it’s good for right now.

          Physics does suck it! I hated that class!

          James (husband) really liked your comment on being a carnie as your next job! It made him laugh out loud, which is a difficult feat! Congratulations!! :o)

          Ally´s last blog post..I’m back. sort of.

  16. Why does my boyfriend snore? Why can’t I fall asleep quickly? Why does it seem like my eyes are always watering? What does your painting for Craig Owens look like? When are we bowling again? Is it april 18th yet?

    • Snoring is for the birds. Henry does it hardcore. Sometimes even when I kick him out and he sleeps on the couch, I can still hear him in my room.

      Your eyes are watering with tears of sadness because we haven’t hung out in almost two weeks!

      I haven’t finished his painting yet, but it’s a peach-colored monster on a background of deep purple and gold.

      I can’t go bowling this weekend, and the next one is Easter — the one after? I’m itching to go back!!

      Shit, you know April is going to have the longest days ever. The 18th seems like a year away. :(

      • Woah, I’m glad Justin doesn’t snore that loud. Mostly he just sounds like he’s choking or stopping breathing and scares the beegeebees out of me.

        Seriously? How did it happen that we haven’t hung out in that long? That totally explains the eyewatering. Crap. I’ll remedy this, somehow.

        You’re going to at least take a picture of it, before you give it to him, right? Or is it super special secret painting…?

        Not this week because of the aforementioned painting giving. Easter? Who gives a crap? Oh wait, you have a kid.. that’s why. lol.

        Not a year, just 17 long as fuck days.

        Oh, and sweet, my mom may have found my blog (I don’t know for sure yet), so she’s going to flip if she reads it. And wrist tattoos will be her reason for hating you. (My mom is notorious for hating all of my friends for trivial reasons.) (She hates Brittnie because she believes she’s a closet lesbian.)

        Dyanna´s last blog post..Almost Finished!

        • Eh, all moms hate me, so that won’t be anything new. Christina says her mom likes me, but that’s a lie! Henry’s mom only recently learned to like me. I get a bad rap!

  17. Hmmm…So many questions
    Do you smoke?
    Why don’t you eat meat?
    What movie scared you the most?
    Do you love Charles Bukowski as much as I do?

    I guess that covers it…I wanted to make Chooch a felt zombie ben franklin for the promo swap, but ran out of time. I’m still working on the logistics.

    • I started smoking when I was 17, and then quit when I got pregnant 3.5 years ago. Now I only smoke socially. (i.e. when someone is willing to give me one, lol.)

      My mom is why I don’t eat meat! She’s not a bad cook, but there were certain meats she would cook (and bbq chicken) that were just not good. Most notably pork chops. So I said I wasn’t going to eat meat anymore and my family, all of them, laughed and said, “Yeah good luck. Let’s see how long that lasts!”


      Scariest movie? Tough! I remember being really messed up after watching Ju-On (this was before the shitty American “Grudge” remake) and being really scared to be alone. Other than that, slasher movies do it for me. Like “Wolf Creek” — that one stuck with me for some reason.

      You know, I haven’t read much Bukowski aside from selected excerpts that we had to read in school. BUT the singer from one of my favorite bands, Chiodos, is an avid Bukowski fan. I don’t get to read nearly as much as I would like to! Recommend your favorite by him and I’ll add it to my list!

      Are you freaking kidding about the Ben Franklin zombie? Because that sounds SPECTACULAR! I’d PAY for one. You are really so very awesome.

      • I so agree with Ju-On…I was at home alone watching it and i almost lost my shit. Wolf Creek also terrified me in a real ulling out your spine way. Most recently, Funny Games, effed me up so bad I had nightmares those guys were in my bedroom. I thought I was going to die. In high school, it was Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2…something about the lighting the coat hanger and eating the scraped off head meat! Holy crap, I’m scaring myself now!
        Anyways….Bukowski…My favs are the novels, not so much the poetry. How awesome that you could read that for school. I recommend Post Office and Ham on Rye.
        As for Ben Franklin…I’m still plotting…All I want is photos of Chooch squeezing/choking or whatever he does with Ben Franklin…damn I swear his antics make me rethink being childless.

  18. Can we be text lovers? I want you on my phone.

    ENTROPY – – Learn it. Love it!

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