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Yesterday, after months and months of waiting, I finally got my tattoo. It’s not my first, but it’s the only one that means anything to me, and because of that I was having silent panic attacks on the way to Black Cat Tattoos. (But also, I like to exaggerate my whininess with little to no cause, just for kicks. I know, so many of you are shocked by that revelation.) These are lyrics from a Chiodos song, and it’s sort of my unofficial motto. And also, in light of recent best friend backstabbing, it’s even more significant because the name of the song is “The Word ‘Best Friend’ Become Redefined” which it most certainly has been for me this year. I hope it will serve as a reminder that my friendship with Christina wasn’t what I thought it was, so that I will not be stupid enough to give her yet another second chance. (Seriously, I think she was up to EIGHT second chances in five short years.)

Minus the lettering, this was drawn by my friend Merry, who knows of the impact the lyrics have on me. I had sent her a sketch of what I had in mind, and after sketching a few options for me, this was the one I fell in love with. I love that she kept a femininity to it while still bringing  in some Burton elements (which is what I wanted), because I think it’s a good off-set to the semi-dark words. I didn’t want to go overboard by dude-ing it up with harsh skulls and flames.

I should have just stuck with it from the get-go, but I’m always open to what other people come up with; so when I was there a few weeks ago making the appointment and handing over the sketch, I agreed to let Jason come up with another option for me. I liked what he came up with, but felt that it was a little too masculine for my girly forearm, and after the third or fourth change I made, I finally said, quietly, “Can we use the original?” Luckily, he was super patient and said numerous times, “You won’t hurt my feelings! Just make sure it’s exactly what you want.” Not every artist is like that, so it was appreciated and made me not want to run away.

Jason added the lettering and in like, 0.5 seconds I knew it was exactly what I wanted.

Alisha met me there and made mean faces at me and tried to act like she wasn’t from Arkansas. Even though she instigates me, I was glad to have her there. And I mean, who doesn’t like sitting there, watching someone get tattooed? I think there’s something written about that in the Temptation chapter of the Bible.

The whole session was fun, and Jason talked to us the whole time (another thing that not all tattooists do and that is SO AWKWARD when you have to sit there in silence and your every attempt at conversation is met with grunts, if anything at all).  It only took about an hour, and while he was working on me, Dyanna was on the other side of the room getting tattooed by Jason’s girlfriend Cara, whom I know from back in the days of LiveJournal, so it was cool to see her. (LJ, holla.) She got the word “Blink” on her wrist, and considered messing the lettering beforehand to make it prettier, but I was all, “Don’t worry, you can come back later and get a unicorn next to it” and I know she totally will too.

I love Jason’s work. He wasn’t even a quarter of the way done with it, and I was already making big plans to dump Henry and just make out with my forearm for the rest of my life. Then I was like, “Can you add some purple shading? You know, to make it pop” and immediately felt like a gaybo.

I have always left tattoo shops thinking, “Where should I go next?” This was the first time I was like, “Hey dude, I’ll be back.” Thank you for putting up with me, Jason!

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  1. I can’t like this tattoo
    (just kidding its fucking all kinds of awesome! jealousssssssssss)

    p.s. Last night I told my bff/business partner laura about chooch’s usage of the word “can’t”, and she is now a chooch fan.

    I’m pretty sure chooch can’t like laura, though

    • OMG Chooch is the WRONG kid to hang around with a new tattoo. My God, he is such a brute.

      Bring Laura to my zombie prom! It is likely going to be end of summer, possibly in October to ensure that people actually dress up. But there will definitely be a lot of advance notice!

  2. Awesome! I love the purple shading.

  3. I didn’t get a really great look at it yesterday, I was too busy wincing over the ridiculous pain I was mystified by in getting mine. It looks amazing. His lettering is perfect. I’m glad that you fought til you got what you wanted. I didn’t want to see you leave without it, and I really didn’t want to see you leave with something you didn’t love.

    I have gone through a MYRIAD of fucking emotions since leaving the shop. Ugh.

    Dyanna´s last blog post..Nomad

  4. It’s seriously perfect for you. I really like the top part of the border and the purple shading. The whole thing is very awesome!

  5. TOTALLY love it! I mean, REALLY really really! It looks so great! I love how he did the lettering,especially with the dots in between…and the shading!

    And I know this is all about you, but…I feel super special now! Eek! :) :)

    • Isn’t the lettering perfect?? I’m so happy with it, and I’m glad that he was able to add his own touches to a part of it too. The dots give it a gravestone feel and that makes it even better!

      You ARE special!

  6. I LOVE IT! And I love Merry. She is so beyond fabulous … she also helped with my tattoo!!

  7. Oh, I LOVE IT! And I want video of you making out with your forearm.

  8. wow. i didn’t get the full effect from your facebook pic. i love it! I really want to get one, but haven’t figured out anything meaningful yet, so I’ve waited. hopefully soon. :o)

  9. I’m not big on tats for girls, but I have to say, this one is pretty. It’s unique, just like you.

    • Oh, Erin, given your thing for watching televangelists, I woke up this morning and found a new one I hadn’t seen. He was young, Asian, with fairly long hair, for a preacher, I thought, and funny as hell, but he sounded exactly like Jackie Chan, so it made it even better. I have to find out who it was so you can tune in.

  10. Im glad you like it :) It was fun to do.

    Jason´s last blog post..Diary-esque

  11. I absolutely LOVE it, that’s not the problem. I’m frustrated that I love it so much but I’m going to have to go out of my way to cover it up so much of the time. I feel guilty because I know its going to upset my family. Its mostly frustration and guilt cycling each other. I’m frustrated at my guilt, feeling guilty for being frustrated.

  12. I am so sorry she hurt you so bad. The tattoo is amazing, and it should remind you that you are better than her and you don’t need toxicity in your life. Be strong!!

  13. OMFG are you srs?? That is a HOT tattoo. And those lyrics? Totally SHOULD be your motto.

    Oh, and fuck bad friends. I had a falling out recently too and it hurts so bad. AT least you have a gorgeous reminder to stand your ground, lady.

  14. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better tattoo for you. The lyrics make me grin because they are a perfect description of your writing. There are elements that are surprisingly traditional, there’s a little goth edge, and just enough whimsy to keep it young. I like that it’s so personal for you in so many ways too.

    Michelle´s last blog post..Save at Amazon Grocery

    • Thank you! You totally get it. You described all the reasons why I love it so much. I was really happy with the lettering, and how he made it look like a New England tombstone.

      I’m really hoping that I’ll get to see Chiodos at Warped Tour this summer so I can show them!


    Oh my gosh that is so beautiful. I love the colors and the design and EVERYTHING. You need to take a photo of it further away now so I can see the placement on your arm. This totally makes me want to go out and get another tattoo. So. Very. Much.

    <3 <3 <3 In love with it. Can I make out with your tattoo?

    • Thank you, Jessa! It was such an important piece for me, and Jason made it perfect!

      It’s about three inches above my wrist, on my inner forearm. I’ll email you another pic later today. :)

      Now I have to try and get close enough to Craig to show him, lol.

      What tattoos do you have so far?

      • I actually only have one little one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/everykiss/174668455/ mostly because I was deathly afraid of actually GETTING a tattoo even though I really wanted one. I had been thinking about getting something like that for a while and I fell in love with it when the artist drew it on my hand. Since then I’ve been wanting more substantial pieces, but I haven’t the guts (or the money) to do anything about it. Every time I see someone getting a new tattoo my stomach hurts because I want another one so badly… lol. Someday, right?

        • Jesus, that is so gorgeous, Jessa! I love hand tattoos, and that one is perfect on you!

          It had been nine years between tattoos for me, mostly because of money. (However, I always say it’s Henry’s fault, lol.)

  16. I LOVE IT! Especially since Merry designed it! The lettering is perfect, and the purple goes very well with the whole thing. AWESOME.

  17. That tattoo screams you all over the place! Wow!! Merry and Jason did a gorgeous job. I know that it has a ton of meaning, which makes it even better – I think that all tattoos should have a meaning to them, heh. As for bad friends…I’m truly sorry that she hurt you, but you are stronger than you think. Lub yew.

    • Thank you, Brenna! I know you’ve had your fair share of friend drama lately too. It hurts so much. I feel kind of sick that I was dumb enough to give her so many chances.

      • You’re quite welcome.

        It sucks hardcore, it really does…but then again, it’s times like these when you find out who your real friends are (way for me to be cliche!).

        *hugs* I know. I’m here for ya. Text me, call me, whatever you need to do. <3

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