Apr 252009


Three years ago, on this very day, I was gutted like a fish so that my master could be born. My life has been under seige ever since, but mostly (MOSTLY) that’s an OK thing.  I just view all the bruises as accessories, and the chest pains are getting easier to ignore.

Happy birthday, Chooch! Here’s to many more years of a perpetually dirt-bearded face!

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(Except not.) I  hope you can like today.


  16 Responses to “I predict this is the age he’ll make his first killing.”

  1. Awwwwwwwww Happy Birthday Chooch!!


    Ya know, I was wondering to myself this morning if I knew when his actual birthday was! Isn’t that weird?

    Anyway, I’m sure you have plans, but my mom was planning on bringing my neices out later on to maybe go to the zoo or the children’s museum…

  3. Happy Birthday!

    (wow, the firs time I typed that I managed to type both words wrong. awesome.)

  4. awww yay!

  5. Happy Birthday to Chooch! What a handsome kid!

  6. Happy Cake Day Choochie! We hope you enjoyed our serenade, though it potentially scary and made you blush and become unusually shy…

  7. Happy Birthday, Chooch! Hope you all have a very happy, fun day!

  8. that bottom picture shows off his vampire fangs so nicely! Good job on birthing such a cute lil monster! I’m not sure why I’m using exclamatory sentences!

    carrie´s last blog post..ask and ye shall receive.

  9. Happy Birthday Chooch!! I hope I can make it for cake tonight! …Of course, if I don’t..I’m sure gonna torture ya at the party! I’m bringing VODKA(you’re favorite)!

  10. I cant believe he is 3! I remember holding him and his giant head in his little satin christening outfit.

    Happy Birthday to my favorite little guy! I hope its a great one! Were trying our best to make it to the party.

  11. Happy Birthday, Chooch!

    Geez, Erin, it feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?! I can’t believe I have a soon to be 8 year old ::shudder:: I remember when Newborn clothes fit him … for about two weeks.

  12. Aw!! I’m a bit late, but happy birthday, Choocheroo! This post actually made me tear up a little bit (I had to admit, it was the last part about “hoping he can like today” which was so freaking cute). I hope you guys had a great day. :D

  13. Hippy Barfday, Chooch!

  14. What a darling. The time goes so quickly, doesn’t it? Three already!! It feels like your haunted shower was just a short time ago.

  15. Happy belated birthday, Chooch! Damn, time goes by way too fast!!! =O

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