Dec 302007

img_0025.jpg This is my favorite one that came from the 35mm I used in the Holga. It has a vintage feel which appeals to me, like Eddie Fisher is about to come out and start serenading. I was telling my friend Merry about this picture last weekend and she got really excited. Too excited. "Oh my God, I can’t believe someone else knows that! I used to drink that all the time!" she yelled in her southern drawl. This took place over the phone, but I pictured her excitedly cooling her face with a lacey fan held by a gloved hand. "You drink steak sauce?" I mean, I know I have weird friends, but I was still taken aback. Just a little. Then she explained that she thought I had said Ale 8, a ginger ale-ish beverage. "Yeah, Erin. Whenever I get that craving for a delicious drink of savory meat sauce, I just have to have my A-1."

  7 Responses to “Tillie’s”

  1. this one is awesome too.
    where is this and why do they have so much steak sauce?

    and merry is weird, but really erin, she’s not THAT weird.

  2. *dies*

  3. I am unbelievably jealous of your Holga. I want one SO bad.

  4. this truly does seem vintage…

    hello nineteen seventy double quad.

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