Feb 262015

Guys! I have some crap to show you. I’ve been working hard in my fake studio this winter!

First up is a portrait of Albert Fish. It’s weird, but because I spend so much time looking at serial killers because of my greetin

g card line, my first instinct when I get a blank canvas (or, in this case, wood) is to paint one of their faces. Usually I stop myself but the other night, I was painting Albert Fish before I even realized it. I think I need help, you guys.


Here is a giraffe painting I made for Lisa’s daughter Gigi’s nursery, which is giraffe-themed. I call this one Gigiraffe:


Here’s a bonus picture of me and Gigi when I brought the painting over and Lisa made me dinner, but first I had to babysit Gigi, which I was fine with, it was the split second where I thought Lisa was going to say “Will you help me cook this shit” instead of “Will you keep an eye on Gigi while I cook this shit?” that really made my heart stop. Anyway, Gigi and I were fine! I mean, she accidentally fell into a crevice (don’t worry, she didn’t cry!), tried to steal my money, and smeared my lipstick all over her face, but we listened to Pierce the Veil together so it was all good.

I’d like to think if this was the Babysitter’s Club, I’d be Claudia. 

Over in non compos cards land, I turned my Golden Girls paintings into a greeting card, yay! I’ll have a variety of prints of this available soon.


And then I painted a co-worker’s dog! Because she asked me to, not just because. Pets are really out of my wheelhouse (not like anything is really IN my wheelhouse, aside from scribbles and smears) but I felt pretty OK about this one and Cheryl seemed to really like it too!


I’m slowly starting to make prints of some of my paintings. Not all of them, but some. Especially the Twin Peaks ones, because I love those damn paintings! I still have so many more characters from that show to paint, and hopefully some new ones too once the show comes back next year, wooooo! That still feels like a dream.

IMG_3076.PNG IMG_3005.PNG

I got an itch to resurrect the old bathroom plaques too, for no reason other than they’re just really fun to paint, and it’s something I can do while watching the hockey game and by watching the hockey game I mean trying to not watch the hockey game because the Penguins have been stressing me out lately. So if I’m not painting during the hockey game, I’m playing word games on my phone during the hockey game.




And then I made a Get Stoked one, because that’s probably my most-used saying. (Sorry, Henry.)



Anyway, all of these prints and plaques are available over at Somnambulant, or you can request a custom one here!  Please pass this around! I’m still trying very hard to build up my shop to where it was back in 2009 before I had my cry-baby I HATE ART meltdown. THANKS!

  4 Responses to “Somnambulant Things”

  1. Amazing. All of it. I especially like the ‘get stoked’ one.

    Gigi is outrageously cute.

  2. Your fake art rules so hard; my favorite here is the Golden Girls one and the giraffe. You ain’t too bad for a fake artist.

  3. You know I love everything you do! I need a Buffy painting from you or maybe one of Frederick, wait no, Buffy. Hmmm? I’ll have to get back to you.

    I’m so glad to see that you’ve been doing so much! I can see you improving and love all of the colors you put on the faces with the highlighting and what-not; things I would have never thought of doing. I love it!

    • Thank you so much! I still feel so rusty, but it’s been pretty fun going outside of my boundaries and realizing that things don’t have to be “perfect.”

      Definitely let me know because I would love to paint something for you! I’m still so happy that you have those other pieces of mine! <3

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