Jan 032008

When I came home from work yesterday, I was telling Henry how I taught Kim to say ‘two thousand double quad’ (she won’t say it).

"Is that even right?" he asked. "I mean, couldn’t that actually mean 2044?"

"No!" I cried, blood rising to my face. "Four doubled is eight! Double quad!"

But he kept going on, analyzing it from every angle. "I knew there’d be one motherfucker in the crowd who had to question it…." I muttered in defeat.

"And I’m that motherfucker, yay!" Henry cheered, before leaving for work.

  10 Responses to “Another reason to hate Henry”

  1. you DID anticipate that some IDIOT might think of 2044… and then you also said, (with my heavy approval), that if they do… THEY’RE FUCKING STUPID.

    i never thought it would be henry. *gasp*

  2. ha ha………………


    oh that henry…

  3. “And I’m that motherfucker!”


  4. No one wants to say two thousand double quad you fucking dumbass

  5. Hello, my name is Henry and I thouroughly disagree with the title of this blog. I’m sitting next to the dude who left the comment before me GGAAAA!! and I completely agree. You guys are bitches of the highest order.

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