Jun 032009

Blake snagged himself a good girlfriend, and I got to take pictures of them. Unfortunately, my dominant eye was on his death bed (he’s since recovered, no need to send floral arrangements) and most of you know that it’s amazing I have any vision left at all what with all of my optic maladies, so I’m happy that any of these turned out at all.

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Look at that form! I see gold medals in her future.


I feel like now they need to have a band. And that I need her shoes.


This was either before or after I fell into a gopher hole. Then I had to use the strength of my left eye to help me to safety.

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[Rest of the set thissaway]

  21 Responses to “Blake & Deanna”

  1. I think this is now my favorite set taken by you. You captured some awesome moments here, and I always love the funny colors this particular camera makes. Love these. Very beautiful.

    Oh, and way to go, Blake! :D She’s cute!

    • Thank you, Alyson:) These two are so photogenic that I barely had to do anything more than point and shoot! (Which is good since I couldn’t really see, haha!)

  2. I don’t know these people but based on these photographs, I know I really really like them. :)
    Such beauty, fun, and love. (I wish I had a guy I could jump in the air with!)

    • I bet you would love them!

      I was thinking that same thing when I took the jumping picture, and then I thought, “If Henry tried to do that, he’d probably slip a disc or something.”

  3. I hate having my picture taken, but I’d actually love for you to take my picture, you take such amazing shots.

  4. You do an amazing job, I wouldn’t rather have my picture taken by anyone else, which is why I really hope you can come to vegas!

  5. scenester love is the best kind because its scenexlove

    such cute photos!

    Franesco´s last blog post..Can I JUST………

  6. She’s really pretty. Go Blake!

  7. the first thing i thought when i saw the one of them on that bridge was that it looked like a band promo pic.

    Awesome pictures Erin!

    Yes, definitely, Go Blake!

  8. awe we are so cute :D!

    henry cant love like that,
    im just so fucking amazing muahaha >:D

  9. What do you shoot with or what effects do you apply afterward to get the color to pop so much? Your pics, these and various sets of Chooch in the park too, are all so vibrant, intense: they’re stunning.

    • I use a Canon Rebel dslr, and usually use the lens that it came with, and also an 85mm. To get the the deep colors, I process it in adobe bridge and adjust the shadows. That’s usually all I do. Sometimes, I’ll play with filters on Photoshop, too.

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