Jun 122009

sweeneyslastnightYou would have thought the Sweeneys owned the village of Ballgag, what with how they shamelessly bullied their way throughout the streets.

Whenever Papa Sweeney didn’t get his way, he’d defecate on the doorstep of the orphanage, the church, the corner pub. He’d run down the street with his scythe, and then later that night heads would quite literally roll in his private basement bowling alley.

Mama Sweeney acted out in different ways, seducing the husbands of the PTA moms who didn’t put her pies on gilded dessert stands at the bake sales.

She birthed love-children out in the fields then brought them home as slaves.

Little Alan and Alana were no better, biting kids on the playground and sticking straws in the eyes of the classroom pets.

Knowing this, you might be able to understand why no one in Ballgag alerted the Sweeneys to the fact that they built their new home atop a sewage dump, and why, two months later, no one lent a hand as the Sweeneys sailed away down shit creek in their douche canoe.

5″x5″ on wood.

  4 Responses to “art promo: Sweeney’s Last Night”

  1. Haha. They got what they deserved! I like this little story =)

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