Jun 282009

What is your favorite way to de-stress on a Sunday?

I was going to write about last Sunday when I spent the day at Kennywood with Henry, Chooch, Blake and Alisha, but all I want to do today is watch the Degrassi marathon, listen to Seaweed and Jawbox, and paint. I’m coming off the tailend of a long and stressful week & my brain has exclamation marks, asterisks and ampersands ricocheting around (and there’s an umlaut doing something strange over by the temporal lobe) and I think that means it wants me to shut it off for a little while. The (very few) moments I have time alone, I catch myself zoning out and staring open-mouthed at the wall. I’m starting to think the best place for me is a cabin in an isolated forest where no one but a deranged man with a hacksaw can find me. I’d even take a beach at this point, and I am SO NOT a beach person.

Also, our neighbors are having a birthday luau for their daughter and it has been going on all the livelong day. At one point, I glanced out the kitchen window while painting (that’s my studio, you know) and spotted some haggard-looking broad sitting under the party tent that Henry helped set up because he’s always so eager to help everyone else but god forbid I should ask him to do a single thing for me and expect it to be done.

So I point out the window and go, “Who’s that lady?” and Henry goes, “That’s Renee, that’s the one whose birthday it is.” Now, I know my eyes are bad, but I always thought that Renee was much younger than me, so I’m a little confused at this point.

“How old is she?” I ask, and Henry informed me that she just turned 24.

She looks much older than me, and I’m about to be thirty in a month. I mentioned this to Henry, and added that she seems to act much older than me, as well.

“Sweetheart,” Henry started, as he braced my shoulders with his meat-paws, “everyone acts older than you.”

I’m growing bored with this blog.


  5 Responses to “Blathering”

  1. HHHmmmm. my favorite way to de-stress.
    Because I pretend that I am an organized person, I can only fool myself for so long then it becomes blatantly obvious that “pileing” doesn’t =organizing. So sometimes when I hate myself for being a slob I go through all my craft stuff and plan for the day when my job doesn’t suck the life out of me and I can create things again. I love to read….novels, usually about people who’s lives are really fucked up, like Alice Walker characters and stuff like that cause then I think, “And I think I got it bad?”
    I do the occassional e-stalking, but you know if people put it there to read, it just doesn’t REALLY feel like I’m invading someones privacy. I have a garden and have found that talking to my tomatoes telepathically while I groom away their damaged leaves really produces an awesome crop. Um….oh and this makes me feel a little cliche ’cause I am a woman and all -but I love to shop. Only my fav. places are 99cent store. And Salvation Army where I can add to my ever growing collection of tubs full of books I don’t have time to read.Because just thinking to myself that one day my life with have so little stress it will allow me time to read at my leisure.HAHA!

    • I love to read too, I only wish there were more hours in the day so I could find the time to read more than a chapter in one sitting! Is there anything you’re reading at the moment?

      Thanks for answering this!

      • yes, actually reading “She’s come Undone” By Wally Lamb for the third time. Just finished “Eat,Pray,Love” By Elizabeth Gilbert-excellent book.

  2. henry made a joke about how old you act! this is new and exciting to me!!!!!

    favourite way to destress is to head downtown, slip into the darkness, and take an innocent life

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