Jul 242009

I didn’t like their first album because they were too New Found Glory-ish (little known fact: two of least favorite bands are New Found Glory and Blink182, let the horrific outcries commence), but their new album which just came out last Tuesday is very pleasing to me. Actually, any band that features guest vocals by Vinnie Caruana is immediately made right in my world. Like, Vinnie and Jessica Simpson could duet and….no, never mind. I lied.

Anyway, I am wanting to go see them next week. I’m not sure if I’ll be working then or not, because I only just took my drug test the other day and I have to wait for that and the OMG-background check to come back. (They basically made me reapply all over again, which is annoying to everyone involved but it’s the law of FedEx.) I swear I won’t do what I did last time I was hired there, and immediately ask for a day off during my FIRST WEEK because I had tickets to Chiodos. (And I mean, it’s CHIODOS and I had bought those fuckers the day they went on sale.) If I end up working that night, I have no qualms about going to the show alone, straight from work. Even though I’ll look like a socially-crippled creeper lurking in the shadows.

Oh wait, that’s just when I visit nursery schools.

  2 Responses to “Set Your Goals – This Will Be the Death of Us”

  1. Aw c’mon. What day is it? I’ll go!

    • Yay! It’s the 29th. I hope I’m not working, because I’m not sure if I’ll even be done early enough. It’s at Small’s, so at least it’s close to my job.

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