Jul 252009

I recently reconnected with Charlie, an old friend from high school. He mentioned that he and his girlfriend were going to be at the Finleyville Carnival last night, and I decided it would be a fun way to hang out with him for a bit since we were going to be in the area anyway stalking someone for Alisha. I sat in the backseat with Chooch and while Henry and Alisha putzed around with directions, I completely lost myself to violent/crazy/epileptic car dancing to A Skylit Drive. Of course, this sent Chooch into fits of glee, but Henry and Alisha were very tight-lipped, staring out the window.

By the time the stalking mission was complete and we had pulled up to the carnival, I had moved on to the Devil Wears Prada and instantly bonded with a small group of scene boys standing on the side of the road. We celebrated each other’s existence with a fist pump and that only agitated my hyper state so I started screaming and kicking the back of Henry’s seat.


Alisha was not happy to be there, from the very beginning.

lmost immediately, Henry ran into his ONLY friend, Randy. I haven’t seen Randy since Henry’s 40th birthday party, which was 15 years ago. A joke. It was 4 years ago. At that party, I showed Randy the Christmas present I had bestowed to Henry that year: a male seeks male personal ad. And then I showed him the responses Henry had received. Randy did not think this was funny. That is because Randy does not understand LOVE.


Here, Chooch rides a blue thing with Randy’s niece, who kept turning around the entire time the ride was in motion, causing the older woman who was manning the ride to shout, “DON’T TURN AROUND” and she had very dark, brittle-looking teeth, so I kept mocking her by repeating her cries of peril and pretending to catch my teeth. Then I couldn’t stop laughing and evidently it was some new laugh that I’ve never done before, probably because I never had to pretend to be catching my backwoods teeth before, and Alisha had to literally walk far away from me.


They are both thinking the same thing: “God, Erin is such a fucking dream to be around. How the fuck did we ever get so lucky? Let’s go pray the rosary to show how thankful we are.”


I didn’t get to ride ANYTHING because Papa H wouldn’t buy me any tickets.

We met up with Charlie and that was super cool! I don’t ever hang out with people from high school, aside from Janna, and Lisa when she’s in town, so Charlie should realize how LUCKY he is. And his girlfriend was really awesome and easy to talk to so I hope we can all get drunk and act like asshole rejects soon.


Alisha was going to buy food but then Charlie intercepted and told her to give his girlfriend, who was next in line for funnel cakes, money and she’d grab a funnel cake for Alisha too. They are best friends now because of this. Alisha has been trying to stuff funnel cake in her mouth for fucking months now.


There was fireworks too, ya’ll!

I asked Alisha later what her favorite moment of the night was and she said, “Seeing how awkward you are around people you haven’t seen in a long time.” Awesome!

Side note: Finleyville has a lot of scene kids. I felt very cozy there.

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