Jul 252009

Henry finally came home, with a present for me: he left Chooch at his sister’s house, hooray!

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But since he’s home, that means I’ve been able to finally start fulfilling some of the Henry photo-wishes. You’ve already seen him hopscotching, which irritated him but hoo-boy we got some more winners coming up.

And now my friend Evonne (Alisha thinks they’re friends too, which is such a JOKE) is here and she brought me one of those green tea creamy things from Starbucks to fuel my insanity (shit goddamn those things go straight to my lobes).

Henry is trying to act all hilarious and hifalutin’ because he is the alpha male up at 3021 My Street.

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But it’s funny to me because we all know he’s really just a meek little boy trying to get through another day without being emasculated. OH HENRY.

At least he gets to watch his beloved Burn Notice with Janna while I’m busy. Wait – WITH JANNA? When did this unlikely alliance happen??

In other news, “Fuck the Police” and “Informer” have officially been downloaded so HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTIES because I’ll be rapping/yelling those bitches later on in the evening, homies. And at some point, Henry will be baking cupcakes.

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I keep thinking I missed an entry. I hope that is not so.

  One Response to “#23 Where I Am Currently”

  1. I wish I had the financial backing and imagination to have thought of making you sing Informer or Fuck Tha Police.

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