Jul 252009


I love how Henry looks like he’s about to receive a football. LOOK AT THE PACK OF CIGARETTES IN HENRY’S SLEEVE, I DID THAT!!

Evonne and Janna attempted to floozy-up the background by pressing their boobs against the window, but unfortunately you can’t tell. Evonne said she wanted them both to lift their shirts and do it like real women, but Janna said no and then cried rape.

Janna never got the SEX talk.

The best part is that Alisha is a lesbian and bowing to a man was very offensive to her. But then I reminded her that Henry isn’t  a real man and she was like, “Oh yeah that’s right, he has a vagina-ina-ina, I feel much better.

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  3 Responses to “#24 Henry, Being Served Beer”

  1. That picture has me ROLLING on the floor right now. AMAZING.

  2. Fuck yeah! Worth EVERY penny! Thank you!

  3. Thank you Alisha, that picture if going on the mantle or in a rainbow picture frame as soon as I find one.

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