Jul 262009

airguitarairguitar2airguitar3This is for my ho, Brenna. And these were too good to only post one.

Blake goes, “Dad, you look like Ron Jeremy” and Henry got all defensive and said, “Ron Jeremy’s old and fat!” and Blake goes, “I know.”


  7 Responses to “#34 Bad Ass Air Guitar”

  1. Notbatman (jokingly) says “See, she could have fit a summersault in right there, what a jackass”.

    Ya know, he says this on his way to bed.. he’s the jackass!

    Enjoying the blogathon! Keep it up!!

  2. I want Henry to be my Facebook friend forever!!!!!!

  3. I would totally do Ron Jeremy …. with a condom …. and a blowtorch …. perhaps three rabbits with rubber nipples attatched to their ears …. of course.

  4. *applause* YOU MY HO!!!!! =D

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