Jan 262008

"I finally went to the Cheesecake Factory," Kim said. She’s had a gift card for a long time. Procrastinating gift card user.

Collin asked, did she have anything exotic?

I told them, "When I hear ‘exotic’, I think of dancers."

"Only you would, Erin," said Bob as Collin and Kim continued speaking of exotic cheesecakes.


Later today, I’m taking a class where a hopefully patient instructor will be showing me how to fashion my own pinhole camera. I hope Janna doesn’t embarrass me. She’s coming, too. I’m going to take pinhole pictures of exotic dancers.

Then it’s Henry’s and my big date at the roller derby. I hope we don’t kill each other first. I won free tickets last time, so Henry doesn’t even really have to do anything.


  10 Responses to “Exotic Agenda”

  1. “he’s had a gift card for a long time. Procrastinating gift card user.”

    *cracking up*

    There cannot possibly be anything exotic at the Cheesecake Factory.

    just so you know.

  3. I <3 it when Henry comes in here and screws with the html of my entries so they look like a hooker strung out on benzos wrote it.

  4. i’ve never seen people so emotionally involved with cheescake. goodness.

    i hope janna didn’t embarrass you!!!

    BTW: “Procrastinating gift card user…”
    when i read that, i couldn’t help but think of those bud light commercials and sing it…

    i’m going to write bud light a new commercial. thank you erin, you may have just catapulted me into the REAL advertising world!!!!


    just so you know, i’ve never been either but i hear the food is AMAZING. so i think we should be the judges of that.

  6. I think of ‘dancers’ when I hear ‘exotic,’ too. Well, that and the fetishization of women of color.

    When do we get to hear about the Date?

    • The date was very anti-climactic, but maybe I’ll write a little about it tonight!

      In short: Henry is deaf and I had to repeat myself the whole time. We left after the first round-thing and got dinner, because I ended up being bored. :(

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