Jan 312008

I love this thing. You should all appease me, because I guarantee I’m going to get a fat basket of nothing from Henry on Valentine’s Day!

Also, if you have Blackberry Messenger, totally add me. My PIN is 2424F31C. I have 0 contacts. I even posted what pretty much comes off sounding like a desperate personal ad over at the Crackberry forum. Crackberry, lol.

Again, that was 2424F31C.


My Valentinr - rowdyruby
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In work related news, Collin chucked a penny at me and then made his usual remarks confirming his alliance with Henry. Indignant, I told him that it seems so strange that he’s practically begging to head the Team Henry Foundation.

"You only met Henry once!" I reminded him.

"Yeah, but I have to deal with you everyday."

EDIT 10:29pm : Bob was singing "What is Love" by Haddaway and thankfully, oh Lord thankfully, Collin happened to have it on his iPod so now he’s listening to it and he seems pretty pleased about it too.

  6 Responses to “Make’a me happy”

  1. i dunno how i feel about those two teaming up.

    these guys better watch their backs…
    i imagine we could get way more vicious than they can.

    if it was cool- i’d insert growl here. but- i find the growl slightly dated and easily misinterpreted. so i’ll end with a simple:

    SO YEAH!!!!!!

    • They have so much in common —

      1. hating me
      2. liking Zataran’s
      3. they wear glasses & have dark hair
      4. they’re losers

    • wow. it’s UNCANNY really!!!

      how do you keep attracting these dweebs?

      (dweeb is a dated word that i’d like for us to revive. start now.)

    • I always get paranoid when people are too nice to me, because I feel they have ulterior motives. At least if someone is throwing pennies at me and telling me to die, I pretty much know where I stand, lulz.

      In other words:
      I lose either way.

      ALSO!! I haz contact! I haz contact on blackberreez!!

  2. Your blog is a great read and you have some cool pics on here. I subscribed to it and get the feeds in Viigo on my BlackBerry. Thanks for the add, now I haz a contact too. :-) BTW this was posted from my BB. Me = BB Adict


    • Hi Dan! Thank you for the add and the comment — I like knowing what people think of the ol’ blog. :) If you’re ever around on the BB at night, say hi! I work 4pm-12am and am always killing time with the BB there. Look forward to getting to know you!


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