Feb 072008

I do not handle "sick" well. At all. Chooch does this super sweet thing where he wakes up once an hour during the night. It’s a new trend, I guess. So that does wonders for my recovery time. Wish I had shotgun. (For me, not Chooch! God.)

Chooch saw me blow my nose once and now he’s taken to dramatic reenactments of my plight.

Now I barely have a voice, which is probably a development that could inspire cheers in some parts.

Please tell me good things. I  might be sick, but I’m still just as bored as always.


This is how desolate I feel. Wah, right?

  11 Responses to “Hello still sick”

  1. aww!!! i hope you feel better soon.

    your kid is a punk.

  2. I hope you feel loads better really soon, honey. :)

  3. That is a beautiful picture!

  4. Now Chooch is throwing water bottles at me. I feel so loved.

    Interesting—I can’t reply to comments using my Crackberry.

  5. Chooch is probably just not used to seeing his ma laying around sick and it’s strange, so what’s the best thing to do? Throw bottles and mock you. =)

    Nice pic, but wish you didn’t feel that way. Get to the better feeling!

  6. Feel better!!!! Maybe Chooch is just worried that you’re dehydrated…? “Mommy needs more fluids!”

    I had a stomach virus last week and didn’t leave my apartment for four days…i feel your pain.

  7. feel better, or i’ll be pissed.
    i have nothing to do in the evenings if you’re not at work. haha.

    i love that photo.

    joey bought me a holga for our anniversary!!!!!!!!!
    and a giant figurine of plex from yo gabba gabba!

  8. “Chooch saw me blow my nose once and now he’s taken to dramatic reenactments of my plight.”

    This is cracking me up so bad!

    Something good? Jim talked to me today. He is with me.

  9. It probably won’t cheer you up, but we all thought it very funny. This little old lady came into the store today, very nice, not a lot of trouble and when she left, the fitter walked her out – to her purple TransAm! She could barely see over the steering wheel, but she was talking about how fast it went from 0 to 60. She was 88 years old!

  10. I hope you’re feeling better soon!! I ended up getting sick this week, too…ughhhh.

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