Feb 172008


Rhonda and Paul loved the regal spires of the church, with medieval-like spikes jutting out along the sides. They loved the Gothic arches and the way the stained glass of the large front window so beautifully depicted "The Ascension." They loved the street lights, with the large bulbous covers, that lined the street in front of the church.

But they didn’t like the pubic hairs they found lacing the toilet seats. Rhonda and Paul couldn’t fathom making the sacrament of marriage in a church that boasted dirtier restrooms than those in a,Mexican whore house. A thick red line was drawn through St. Mary’s and they moved to the next church on their list.

  6 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. ahh! i love that photo. amazing!

  2. Ooh is this from your holga???

    I don’t blame Rhonda and Paul.

  3. that church looks so awesome though!!!

    i’d have hired maids.

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