Oct 282009

Hello to the hoi polloi.  I was lamenting the fact that my fridge isn’t peppered with amazingly tacky magnets. But getting magnets as gifts makes them so much cooler. And then I thought, “I wonder if I posted a Magnet Casting Call, if anyone out there would actually send me one.” Probably not, but let’s try anyway. Each magnet will get blogged about. You will be famous. Not really. But your magnet might.

If you want to placate me by sending me a magnet (and it doesn’t have to be new!), email me for my address. butgavincantdance [at] gmail [dot] com, boooooy-eeeez. I’ll even make it into a contest, somehow, if enough people play.

In other My Blog Is Broke news, my email notifications still aren’t being sent (read: Henry is too “busy” to look into it and I’m too blog-dumbz0rz). I feel bad about it because some people have asked me if I purposely blocked them, and that’s not the case at all. I would never do that. Unless you’re a Flyers fan. (Kidding. I’m desperate for blog readers so even Flyers fans are embraced luke-warmly.

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) No one is getting notified when I post, which might even be a blessing for some! In fact, the LiveJournal feed that I have for this blog is about a week behind for some reason.

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Also, I’ve been asked a few times recently from people who use Blogger how they can blogroll me since I’m on WordPress. My answer to that is a bevy of multi-colored question marks undulating above my head. I have no idea. If anyone out there is WordPress savvy and knows the answers to my blogging salvation, please – send help. And quickly.

In the meantime, since subscribing does nothing right now, I would suggest either following my RSS feed by clicking on that handy green RSS button under my header and to the right. Or, if you’re on Facebook, subscribe to my blog there!

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  6 Responses to “Here is a PSA”

  1. I have blogger,I added a widget of all the blogs i read then pasted your address in that there box that shows up when I click “add”. That is how most efficiently and easily e-stalk YOUR blog as well as many others.

  2. I’ve got just the magnet for you.

  3. Wouldn’t want to miss this blog for the world! I wnt to participate in the magnet thing.

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