Feb 212008

I’ve hit a dilemma for this weekend. We’re supposed to go to Columbus to see a Chiodos in-store appearance. I love Chiodos (apparently because they’re hot and not because they’re good) and they’re probably my favorite band at the mo’. They write the kind of songs that I would write.

If I could write songs.

Which I can’t, in case you were wondering.

But then today on the way to work, I heard a radio ad for World of Wheels which is apparently taking the Convention Center by storm this weekend. I started to tune it out, because car shows are stupid. But then I heard the excited announcer proudly shout that Mater from "Cars" is going to be there. Immediately I start picturing my kid, happier than an orphan being spoon-fed porridge by Santa’s arthritic hand, hugging a real life version of his beloved tow truck.

But Chiodos is more important than making the kid smile, I reminded myself.

I started to tune it out once more, but the announcer came back at me with a secret weapon — Drake Hogestyn, better known as John Black from "Days of Our Lives." HENRY’S FAVORITE SOAP PERSONALITY.

I dialed Henry with the urgency of an ER after a meth lab explosion.

"We have a problem!" I yelled, out of breath from all the excitement.

He loves it when I make calls like that while I’m driving. Loves it.

I quickly told him about the car show, about how Mater is going to be there. "And there’s someone else," I teased. "Someone that you REALLY LIKE."

"Who?" There was trepidation in his voice.

"John Black!"


But I think there’s a chance we can do both. I really might die if I don’t get a picture of Henry and John Black. I really might die.

  8 Responses to “Emergency”

  1. i hope you can do both!!!

    what a fun weekend you’ll have!!!!

  2. Oh cruel fate! I hope you figure it out.

  3. I want to see Henry and John Black….
    maybe ol’ John will be a champ and wear a mask…

  4. Funny thing…………I thought of you when I heard the commercial! My mother and I got our photos taken with John Black years ago. We also got signed headshots!

    • That’s funny!

      When I was in elementary school, I wrote a letter to Melissa Reeves and got a form letter and signed headshot months later, lol. I was so happy!

      Ugh, I want to see John Black. He’s like, the best one on there. The best!!

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