Nov 242009

Hello. Through a beautiful miracle, I was able to upgrade my downtrodden Blackberry with the busted-ass trackball for an iPhone. Now I can finally join the Mob.

Isn’t that the criteria? No?

Oh wait, but I can join the mob of Feist-loving, scarf-wearing hipsters at Starbucks?! Bonus! (<—OMG that was a joke.)

In other news, Thanksgiving is this week & I’m so excited to be finding shit for Henry to make. My mommy is having dinner at her house, after refusing to acknowledge that special November Thursday as a holiday last year. I love Thanksgiving. Mostly for the food. Ok, only for the food.

If you’re American and you’re reading this, what are your Turkey Holocaust plans? And no matter where you’re from, what’s your favorite holiday dish?

And this concludes my typing practice. I’m proud to report that I didn’t chuck the phone once. I just curtsied.

  14 Responses to “This Is one of them test0rz”

  1. HEY!

    …I like scarves and feist :(
    but only KINDA like feist

  2. oh no. i may be a hipster… sans the strbx and scarf issues. liking feist alone is enough to qualify, i think.

    i gotta say, stuffing and cranberry sauce could consist of my entire day. oh yeah, and tamales (good ones) because this southern tex-mex girl doesn’t trust tamales made between March and October.

    • Tamales sound good! My grandfather used to make spaetzles for every holiday, but now we just have typical fare.

      Hope you have a good one!

  3. I actually have no idea what feisting is.Do I want to know?I dunno.
    My husbands birthday is on Thanksgiving day this year.We are staying home, just us and our kids.And we are having a ham but really nothing else traditional unless we feel like it.I will be making a really easy yummy apple crisp and that will be my favorite food.Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

    • Feist is a moderately annoying female indie singer. She’s been in some of the iPod commercials.

      Your Thanksgiving sounds like it’s going to be nice! Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Birthday to your husband!

  4. Thank you for asking me what my plans are, I’m happy to report that I am flying cross country to see people that I’ve never met.
    I’m leaving my cute, adorable and just plain lovable animals in the care of one of my favorite people, who I’m sure will do everything to torment them while I’m gone so that they don’t feel like they are alone. I’ve also given them instructions on how to trip people that walk into the apartment..I should probably warn the aforementioned person watching them..hmm..or maybe i won’t. ohwell. ;)

  5. I never hang out in starbucks or wear scarves, but I will wake up in the middle of the night to play Candy on my iphone, because yes, I’m that retarded. You should get it…they should call it Crack instead. Feist must be something kids like, cause I’m old and clueless.
    Anyway…after much drama, Paul and I are going to my parents sans any of my evil sisters. He’s making stuffing and I’m making red velvet cupcakes.
    then I have to return to testing pee on Friday. I am a sad panda.
    In other exciting news…expect a package from me via the Fedex guy on Monday…

    • I bet you know who Feist is – she’s been in an iPod commerical. Has bangs that look like a mental patient cut them and dances like she’s on Sesame Street. Her really big song was “1,2,3,4” or something stupid like that. Even when I was heavily into the indie scene, I didn’t like her. Probably, the Gap plays her in their stores.

      So I looked at Candy, and then I saw that Creepsville was recommended too and now I want them both! THANKS A LOT.

      I hope your Thanksgiving is drama-free!

      • they have free versions of both so you can test them out first! I finished all the levels and options on Candy today and now my life has no meaning.

    • Oops! Creepytown is what it’s called. I just make stuff up.

  6. No one else wanted to come over this year, so fuck them! :-D It will be my family and me, plus Wes this year. We’re having old fashioned Italian antipasto platters to start (haven’t eaten off one of those since my grandparents were alive), and then of course, the traditional fare of turkey (my bro injects it with orange juice); we’re making fresh cranberry sauce this year, though, which is different, and pumpkin cheesecake (which I’ll be trying tonight, we’ll see how it goes) finished off with homemade pumpkin ice cream. I’ll be making my traditional sweet potato casserole, too!

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