Feb 132018

Some of you (see also: none of you) have been asking, “Hey, how is that Bob Ross Chia Pet doing? You know, the one you introduced to us a few weeks, promising regular updates?”

Did I ever promise that though?

Anyway, let’s pretend all of the above is real and not a conversation I had with myself over a Korean picnic next to the Han River in my head while riding on the trolley in an effort to distract myself from freaking out at Trolley Dad and his dumb daughter. (“DO YOU SEE THE SUN? DO YOU THINK THE SUN SEES YOU?” Yeah good job teaching your dumb kid to look at the blinding orb of flames in the sky you asshole.

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Sorry. I’m angry.

Back to Bob.

The box says that we should have seen sproutage on Bob’s dome 1-2 weeks after The Spreading of the Seed-Paste.

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  We thought we saw some growth on his neck, because some of the paste oozed its way down there, but then eventually Amber realized it was actually mold.

Of course, everyone glared at me because this was all my fault since I was in charge of setting him up and I’m sorry if my eyeballs aren’t capable of measuring 1/4 cups of water, OK?! I had to work with what we had in the office AND THAT WAS A DIXIE CUP!

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I thought maybe moving him back by the window would help, get him some good old Sunny D, you know?

Well, as you can see, it’s been numerous weeks now and he’s just a headful of hardened seeds AND MOLD.

I changed his name to Bob Moss, but in my head, I call him Bob Mo(u)ld because I’m not sure anyone at work would get that reference and I don’t feel like explaining things anymore.

If anyone out there reading this has experience in cultivating a healthy Chia pet, please send me your secrets, tips, advice, plant-prayers. OR DON’T SEND ME ANYTHING I DON’T CARE I’M IN A BAD MOOD!

Say it don't spray it.

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