Dec 212009

Growing up, I watched Days of Our Lives with my mom.

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My favorite was every Christmas when the Bradys and Hortons would gather together and don the Christmas tree with personalized bulbs. They’d always make a big to-do about hanging the ones for deceased or absent family members, like Shane Donovan who was always off somewhere solving crimes with the ISA (but really he was filming episodes of The Nanny and probably trying to stave off suicidal thoughts brought about by Fran Drescher’s nasally cackle).

Now that I finally have a tree, I sent out a text to my crew, if you will, informing them that at some point they would be expected to show up at my house to scrawl their dumb names on the bright bulbs I bought on sale at Target.

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I finally lassoed them all together last night, minus Blake, for some artin’.


Corey chose green, so that was the color Chooch wanted too.


I’m way too OCD for this shit, so Janna graciously took on the mommy role and aided Chooch with his ornament. It actually didn’t suck and Chooch didn’t waste all the glitter like I anticipated. That was all Alisha.



I made mine simple, since everything else about me is so flashy and royal. I’m trying out this new thing called Modesty. It kind of makes me agitated and my pee smell.

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We all had to give Janna extra special praise for not only not breaking the bulb, but spelling her name right too!

Afterward,  there was some heavy Degrassi-watchin’, followed by a riveting round table about “Jersey Shore” with a little NHL Network thrown in for some added flava. You know, the usual.

  7 Responses to “Keeping Up with the Brady’s, yo.”

  1. I made a Henry-esque typo and my phone won’t let me fix it. My OCD is going to eat me.

  2. awwww….

  3. Thanks for including me in your crew! :)

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