Mar 012008

I hate that when someone tells me something I almost always habitually ask, "Really?" As if I don’t believe whatever statement that was just shared. I’m going to try and upgrade to the more senior response of "You don’t say?" You don’t hear too many people under seventy saying that. Time to spearhead a change.This calls for buttons and bumper stickers.

I hate that I just went to Ikea for an eight dollar frame and spent $76 by the time I was done. The Ikea Phenomenon. We’ll be telling the grandkids about it someday while sitting around a fire.

I hate that I accidentally bought some young adult book called Twilight last week, didn’t really think it was all that great, but couldn’t stop reading. Then I found out it was the first of a "saga" so I had to buy the second one in Columbus and now I’m admittedly on my way to procure the third.

I hate that the fourth book doesn’t come out till August.

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  1. Here’s mine: “Is that right??”
    Except, I used to have a friend who, every time I said it, thought I was literally asking if he was sure his statement was correct.

    I had Swedish meatballs at the restaurant inside an Ikea once, and the next day I had mono. Now, I’m not saying the two are connected in any way. I’m just telling you what happened.

    • “Is that right?” is a good one too! I always feel even dumber after I say “Really?” and the person doesn’t say anything. Give me a confirmation to my fake inquery!!

      For as many times as I’ve been to Ikea, I’ve never eaten in their restaurant. I really thought we were going to last night, but Henry kept walking after we looked at the menu. I wanted Swediah apple cake!!! Perhaps it was for the best though.

  2. Awww man, you’ve been swallowed up by Twilight as well? Shannon did the same exact thing. She read the first book and told me, “Oh, its ok”, but then couldn’t stop reading, has all three books and has read them several times and is anxiously awaiting the 4th book. Fuck Edward Cullen.

    Ikea is the fucking devil. Whenever I go there, its always the same thing. Go in for $10, leave spending $50. Fuck Ikea too!

    • Ugh, I don’t know why I like it! The writing isn’t even all that spectacular. But I can’t stop and I have the hots for stupid Edward Cullen now. I really hate myself.

      I feel better knowing that Shannon reads it too though!

    • Don’t feel bad, Shannon has the hots for him too. Its so funny because Shannon had the exact same criticisms, but she just can’t get enough. She just wanted something new to read and had it recommended.

      Have you looked up all the crazy online stuff about that book? There’s a ton of fan-fiction and all sorts of crazy shit Shannon told me about.

    • It’s fucked up because he’s like, seventeen, but then I justify it by reminding myself that really, he’s like 102. It’s just gross either way you slice it! I’ve always been big on vampires, but this is ridiculous. Shameful, almost.

      I haven’t checked out any of the fan sites because I fear I’ll get sucked in even worse! But Janna sent me a link last week with info on the movie that’s filming right now and I’m angry because this woman who was on Grey’s Anatomy a few times is playing Esme and she is ALL WRONG for the part.

      Oh god, my life continues to get lamer. Lol.

  3. i’m actually going to read that book…
    because you love it so much.

    i can’t promise it won’t take me forever, but…

    and yes. please start saying, “you don’t say.”

    • You should read it. It should be a quick and easy read, even for someone like you. LOL. The chapters are longer than three pages though. :/

      I’ll come visit you soon now that I have a trustworthy car and I’ll bring it. Or just get the audio book and put it on your mp3 player.

  4. Clearly you need to use a phrase like “You don’t say.” You’re too fucking old for Chiodos, so it’s time. Perhaps I will join you in this.

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