Jul 232018

Drew and Penelope asked me to please take a break from posting about singers that I’ll never meet and give them the stage for once so here’s some pictures of them from over the weekend I guess.


Drew, being the Creep of the House on a Friday Night.

I can’t remember the last time they sat so close to each other!

Henry is the only one that the cats will lay on (unless it’s bedtime, then Penelope is making things as uncomfortable as possible for us….

there’s always that one cat, and she is it for us!). I think it’s because they know that he didn’t want cats. [Let me clarify: Henry likes cats but he didn’t really want to get another one after Marcy died (I didn’t either but you knew that), let alone TWO new cats; yet here we are!] Also, his belly must be super cozy for them.

Penelope, super pissed that Drew is on her man.

Well, now you’re up to speed on what the cats look like: the same.

Say it don't spray it.

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