Feb 082010

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I got a job? Well, that was fun. I was trying to cram in as many hours (see also: minutes) as possible on the computer before Chooch discovered that I wasn’t paying attention to him. Yes, working at home sounded like a fine idea at the time. I wasn’t getting paid very much, but for as little work I was able to put in, my checks actually weren’t as dismal as I imagined. In fact, I was able to have my shoes cobbled, I was! With a little extra to spare for some luke warm porridge!

There was this one instance where Chooch came over and said, “Come play with me.” I go, “I can’t; I’m working right now.”

He disappeared for a brief moment, and when he returned, he was forcing a pile of dirty pennies into my palm. “Here, I paid you. Now come play.”

The sad thing is, he didn’t even realize how close he was to matching my pay rate.

So this job was supposed to last “a few months.” Try two weeks. Yes, the HR broad sent out an email thanking everyone for their hard work and that unbeknownst to anyone at the company, we had actually helped them meet their quota way faster than they imagined, and that we would be contacted in the future if there was more work.

I was back in the same boat, paddling toward the homeless shelter.

But then I remembered that my friend Sarah’s mom works at a staffing firm, and that she had given a valiant attempt at placing me somewhere safe and stable after I was laid off from FedEx last winter. I emailed her last Wednesday morning and by that afternoon, I had a new job.

I start tomorrow. It’s a temporary position, but at this point I’d shine shoes if I had to. Actually, I probably would be pretty good at that, among very little else.

And then today, the HR lady from the other place sent out an email saying there will be more work this week. I guess I have two jobs now. Or a job and a half, as it were.

Hopefully, there will be awesome people at this place tomorrow. I haven’t had a day job in so long, I hope the sun doesn’t blind me. But at least this means I won’t miss any hockey games or pout like the teenaged scene kid I truly am when a band plays on a weeknight and I can’t get off work.

I’m not looking forward to the commute though.

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  1. Well don’t keep us in suspense what’s the new job? Serial killer biographer? P.I.? You’d probably make a good p.i. actually with your propensity for stalking and taking pics…though that’s probably not a day job. I’m sure you’d have to miss at least a few hockey games while you stakeout sleazy motels unforch.

    • It’s just a temp position doing data entry at some company out in Blawnox. You know how I like to aim high!

      I WOULD be a good stalker. Maybe I can find something for that on Craigslist!

  2. You should figure out a way to do your ‘at home’ job while you’re at your new job.

    When I go back to work I’m thinking retail. I don’t want to work too late, and everything closes at 9pm around here. Also I want to get a discount!

    • Ha! That would be awesome! Or I can outsource it to Henry. Chooch even, considering it was literally copying 5-digit numbers. I bet he could handle that, lol.

      I wish I could handle retail jobs. They’re so easy to come by and then there’s, like you said, the discounts. I’ve tried twice and hated it. Actually, I pretty much hate everything. Why do I have to work????? :(

  3. Congratulations!

    I keep playing with the idea of getting a job again, but then I break out in a rash so I forget about it. I’ll work again when Eric forces me to and not a moment before!

    • Thanks!

      I’m with you. If I didn’t absolutely HAVE to get a job, it would be awesome. For awhile there I was willingly looking for work just so I could out of the house, but then I was like, “Shit, I should just go sit in a bar for 8 hours.”

      • If I could do something 9-5 it might be OK, but with the cost of childcare it doesn’t make sense. I can’t stand retail anymore. I used to like it, but I was in management for years and I got burned out with that industry.

  4. Erin,

    Greetings from NY.

    My daughter and I are big fans of your work and I was checking out your Etsy sites for some cool Valentine’s Day gifts (P.S. do you still have the paintings with words? i.e. “Milquetoast”). I just discovered your photos today as well…wow.

    I found your blog today via Facebook and am happy to hear you found a new job! I think, however, that you are incredibly talented, and should think of finding something in the the creative arts. I am so impressed with your art and writing! I am in communications and would be happy to help you in any way (not that I can be of much help, but…). Best of luck!

    • Melissa,

      Hello! Thank you so much for the kind words and taking the time to leave a comment. I still have a few smaller word plaques – solipsistic, sanguineous and antipathy. I haven’t made any new ones in awhile but I should do that soon!

      I don’t know why I’ve never looked for a job in the creative arts. I don’t have any degrees – the plan is to finish college when my kid starts school – and I guess I’ve always felt that would hurt me.

      That’s cool that you’re in communications! What do you do? I could always use some suggestions as far as jobs go. The one I just got is only a temp job and is only supposed to last a few weeks, so soon I fear I will be back in the same boat!

      • Hello,

        I did the same thing – finished my B.A. in Journalism and Information Systems when my daughter was around 5 years old. I’m a writer for a large insurance and financial company. I work primarily on the Web and our magazine/newsletter, but have also worked on many different projects: advertising, government affairs, etc. It’s not what I pictured when I graduated. I wanted a job that would truly make a difference in the world. But this pays the bills (somewhat – we live in an incredibly expensive area, Westchester County) and I have an amazing manager and talented group of peers.
        Finishing my degree was hard work with a young child…really hard! But I’m glad that I did it.
        Maybe you could look for a position at a studio/magazine/publisher/art gallery? Even if it’s administrative…you’d be around creative people who might be able to inspire you, and then move into a different position with your degree. Although a degree doesn’t make a damn bit of difference if you don’t have the ability to write and/or create art in the first place, it does help job-wise. I would think you’ve gotten a lot of exposure from your Etsy sites too.
        I was just in Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving for the first time with my friend. Have you read about the mayor in Braddock? He seems to have some cool stuff going on for artists:
        I wrote him an e-mail because I thought his whole take on attempting to revive the area was pretty interesting. He e-mailed me right back and seemed very accessible. Maybe send him an e-mail and see if he has any advice or upcoming exhibitions you could show your work.
        I work with many talented people, including photographers, writers, etc. and we all agree that although our jobs are not what we’d really love to be doing (corporate work), it keeps us going to do what we love on the outside. Make sense? So it doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you can do what makes you happy after the 9-5 job.
        Yes! You should make more of your word plaques! The one my daughter, Mia, loved in particular had a girl who liked to play/spend time in the graveyard. Now if I can just remember the word…

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