Feb 092010

The votes are in and the Crosby/Talbot spot was voted #1 NHL commercial, which I’m sure has caused an uproar in the Crosby HaterNation and that makes it even more satisfying. I love reading the hate that spews from anti-Crosby fans on the NHL Facebook page because it’s so unwarranted and nonsensical.

Anyway, I love this commercial; it’s sweet and cute, even if you don’t like hockey. It makes me wonder if someday Chooch will be famous for…something, and the computer monitor he slashed with a pumpkin carver will be in a commercial.

This is an extended version of the commercial that’s on TV:

Seriously, Chooch slashed our monitor with a pumpkin carver. That was two nights ago. I’m only moderately sick over it now.

  2 Responses to “Sid’s Dryer”

  1. You know, that was the only reason why I would watch the Super Bowl, because of the commercials. And I missed them all this year. I love how so many commercials are so awesome these days. haha. That was a really cute commercial. Even though I don’t like hockey. ;)

    • Commercials ARE awesome these days. There are some that literally move me to tears, and I’m like, “Shit, I’m crying over a COMMERCIAL!”

      I don’t think this one was played during the Superbowl, although NBC actually does play it during the rare times they air a hockey game.

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