Apr 072010

Henry just came home from work with Wendy’s.

“Do you want this Frosty?” he asked.

“Uh, no,” I said snottily, because I often speak to him like I’m his sixteen-year-old daughter.

“I bought an extra one just so you wouldn’t scream YOU BOUGHT CHOOCH ONE AND NOT ME!” Henry mimicked.

He knows me so well, it’s sickening.

  8 Responses to “The Frosty”

  1. He really bought it for Chris.

    • You know this comment made Henry do that “frown/eye-roll/upper-arm-rub” thing that he does when he’s wanting to come off annoyed but is secretly tickled that someone is paying attention to him.

  2. Doesn’t he know you’ll find a reason to complain either way? Christ, get with the program Henry!

  3. I’ll have it

    are you one of those people who dips their fries in it?
    because I think that’s some bullshit

  4. I guess you will just have to change some of your ways to keep him off balance. Boys can never start to think they know us so well.

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